15 minutes, then go.

I have about 15 minutes of me time right now before I will be off to meet a friend for coffee, followed by a trip to Coombs to my favorite book store and then a little walk to the English River Falls. This is me grabbing hold of my day and making it my own.

Last week was challenging, emotionally challenging for sure. I had to make a trip home from the mountain at 1 am, for DS who was having a rough night. I ended up walking in to a horrible situation. DH had physically/emotionally accosted DS. My heart broke. Although physically ‘OK’ – DS for the first time had the opportunity to direct his deep and long carrying anger in the right direction. We talked for several hours, just him & I. I think DS finally reached that place. The ENOUGH place.

That’s in my opinion a good place to start building a new life – it’s a place of resiliency and strength. That’s what’s going on with DS.

I am truly and deeply proud of him.

Work has been going well, it’s a heavy lift this year building out all these ministries BUT I feel confident that I am the one for the job. Key thing for me right now is organization. I am trying to work out most evenings, gratefully the gas is at such a good price that I can afford to drive back and forth. So a main thing for me in keeping on top of my schedule is food prep.

This weeks Menu:

Sunday: tonight I am going to make a Beef, Broccoli, Green Bean Stir Fry w/ Quinoa.

Monday: Buffalo Chicken Bowls, I will slow cook my chicken to make the prep easier.

Tuesday: Quick BLT’s on Romaine Lettuce to cut the carbs.. this one I am looking forward to.

Wednesday: DS is cooking for himself – He has recently learned how to grill chicken..

Thursday: I am going to make stuffed peppers with black beans and Quinoa. – Easy and YUM.

Friday: I will grill some chicken and everyone can eat when ever as I work that night.

Saturday: DS is cooking for himself again as I work a long shift.

Sunday, well I will figure that out NEXT Sunday.

I love being organized, it makes me feel safe and happy.

Time to go get dressed, time to take on the day.

Take long walks in stormy weather of through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary. – HDT.





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