oh wait, it’s just a girl thing

I am not sure where the last post left off but this one begins on a Sunday morning, in my living room with coffee. Moments.

I had the strangest week, I tend to want to blame the universe, but no actually I was over tired for most of it and that led to me being careless and grouchy and not following simple routines that would be considered best practices in the life department. You know, working out, eating well, sleeping for 8 hours, not rushing.

I am actually taking on this week as a wellness exersise – NO RUSHING.

I will pay attention to time management, and get up ten minutes earlier if I have something going on.

Today I am heading to Vancouver with ds and his friend. I am so excited for several reasons.

I put my foot down with DS the other day, and I was so reminded of when he used to test his boundaries as a child. He used to push me, until I put my foot down and then he backed off and then settled in. That’s sort of what’s been going on. I am fair and kind in all things but I certainly do not have any tolerance for bullshit, disrespect or attitude that I find condescending. Those are hard limits for me. So that’s how it went. I talked to him, as any good authoritarian would and ended it. He went back to being him self and I have a new set of clearly defined boundaries up and available to visit as needed.

I was reminded that hormones are powerful mind fuckers, but thankfully they are at the very least predictable.

Time to pack, it’s been nice to sit and free write again.


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