Moon Child, reinvented.

Here we are, again, again, again… it’s that way with life though, isn’t it? Moving forward, high – in the clouds, happy expectant and quickly and predictably followed by darkness. Grit and iron and faceless fear. A quiet sadness is following me, perpetuated by exhaustion no doubt. I won’t run from you this time though, nope – have her with me this time, she stirs when I call her. She’s the siren.

Lilith is created in this myth by the diminished moon, who is angry and resentful at having to distance herself from the sun because of God’s judgement. The anger and rage which the moon feels from the judgment of God creates a powerful light from which Lilith is born. Therefore Lilith, in essence, is the power that is gained by the feminine when she is misunderstood, alienated and “diminished” by the masculine.

I sort of wish this wasn’t true for me, it’s hard to keep this darkness hidden and it aids in my gravitating to that which is not necessarily good for me. I think it is good that I meditate on the light. The universe which is LOVE. Inhaling – light, exhaling the dark.

I will allow the divine to manifest this time as I take my control back once again, it is time for a new story. My year one is beginning, I shall work to create the basis that which will fill my soul for the next cycle.

  • I will take time to develop my practice, aligning my breath and my thoughts and allowing energy to radiate within me.
  • I will construct and control strong energy boundaries around me, inviting in those things which will grow me positively, and retreat from that which does not serve my highest good.
  • I will nourish my body, creating strong healthy muscles, a fortified mind and a cleansed heart. Consuming intentionally, whole and healthy food, light and love.
  • I will be in gratitude and shower affection upon those that are of me.
  • I will work honestly with integrity and strive to always put my best foot forward.
  • I will be conscience about budget and my habits, I will save for that which serves me, and my soul. Conscience of waste, and excess.

This post is being written in a hotel room, the universe has been with me for days, I am feeling patient for sure, as I have been very aware of what I do NOT want today, right now. If nothing else this week has certainly uncovered that truth. The complexities of fate are so far beyond my control, I think I can now accept that as true. New stories, sadly at first but I know in time it will unfold as it should. I trust the universe that this is the next road I shall walk down.


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