Where the Sky Hangs.

I’ve been dreaming again. This time about my future. That hasn’t happened to me in years, literally not in years. I have had inklings of what’s to come. I in my conscience state feel afraid to want so big, yet in my un-conscience state, I am already there.

I am really liking this song right now, it’s sweet and endearing and fits my mood well. I think it’s softly speaking a truth. I am ready to love and be loved in return. That in it self is a new adventure. Scary as hell. Exhilarating too.

Enough about that for now.

DD is sleeping in the other room, her friend just left last night and this is our first solo day that we’ll have together. I am so happy about that. It’s been such a whirlwind of a summer. Rock the Shores via m!Media

Gabriola with some of the best friends in the world, then home for a night, then over to Victoria for Rock the Shores, more good friends, lots of laughs – midnight discussions about the universe, swims in new lakes, a tattoo, home again. (insert heavy hearted time with CG, that was a painful couple of hours) Then directly on to Toronto for WayHome festival. That was a trip, literally.  Dyl, Tay and me road tripping. Awkward to the max, Flow killed the flow. However comfort zones bursted and new friends were made. I walked away with two new people in my sphere. I love the friend circle expansion. WayHome Via m!Media

I think it’s worth mentioning, as the last night of Wayhome was crazy awesome.

The entire time I was literally sober working, I was revered and calculated and articulate and endearing. I was in BD mode the entire time BUT I have a theory, memories need to be made – so when in Rome…

The last night, although not quite as dance focused and the night before still held magic moments. The festival closed with a performance by Sam Smith, we to be honest didn’t see a ton of the show, we all decided to have a few drinks in the artist area. Artist area = Free drinks.

Having experienced the ultimate ditch the night before with Tay, I was less concerned with staying connected on our adventure night, the memory night the magic night – the last night of a festival magic happens – It’s the sunday magical experience – you have to leave everything there and go with the flow.. We ebbed and flowed that night for sure, but I as I always do made some new friends and set my own course.

Drinks with artists, no big deal. Drinks with the founders, no big deal. It was let your hair down time, everyone was in a good mood, on no sleep, and exhausted. It was such raw energy.

That’s sort of when it happened, the after party to the after party, I decided to dance. I did so for hours as well. How much fun might one have in that moment, when you decided to dance. Dancing attracts like minded individuals, or in my case not like minded at all but very entertaining non the less. I met a hippie chick with a flower wand and we connected, as always happens when two lights join, it attracts other lights. Gravitational pull happens and viola – your tribe of the moment appears.

By this time it was likely going on three am and we had started our journey back to the VIP camping area – an RV was calling, as was my pillow and blanket.. until the yert came to view.


It was three in the morning and the yert was calling. We snuck in – yes kids I think we may have broke the law.. however once inside this tall man, with a french accent joined us inside – you might be thinking this is the part where we all run.. nope this was the part the magic happened. He was the artist, he asked us if we wanted to see it live? Of course we said yes, so he went outside and turned in on.


We had a DJ among us that night and he played the music. Mostly random 50’s and 60’s tunes things we could jitter bug too, sounds we could sing along with, one song I loved but will never be able to remember now.. a ghost of the evening unfortunately.

We danced and danced and laughed and laughed until the night was over and by that the generator fuelling the magic ran out of gas, like all good things there does come a time to end. That was it. The gang moved on to an outdoor piano, played a few renditions of chopsticks but I bid these outlier friends adieu and set off finally to my RV.

I called CG to check in and regale him with my adventure, impressed with my stamina we laughed and talked and I think he finally got it – I am not a bird to be caged, for the cage is my infirmary, I will surely die a slow death within the cage, no matter how gilded  –  but set me free, allow me to feel the breeze on my wings, let me soar and dance and laugh and dependably I will always find my WayHome.

The remainder of my trip passed similarly to the beginning, city life, too much wine and great conversation. I heart my girl Tay for that.

There was one more adventure between then and now, let’s just call that one a cleansing. It was filled with soul moments, lots of sleep and finally some direction, so much so that with the help of it’s positive influence I am now here – ready, healed and whole awaiting the next adventure.

Well I think I better wake up dd, we are going to do a little Mother \ Daughter adventure day, beginning with pedicures on west 4th.

Happy Tuesday!


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