..double standard..

You know what pisses me off. Double standards.

CG is such a fucking liar. He is so sweet to my face but he NEVER keeps is damn word. AND the thing that pisses me off most, he blames it on other shit. All the fucking time.

He is such a liar. I am so fucking sick of it.

This is just one thing, but there are many, many more like it.

This time.

1. CG omitted to tell me he was going out for drinks with a lady he calls his “banker” but he tells me every fucking other thing that goes on in his life.

2. Then after it came up – via me because I don’t like bullshit and I knew anyway – he invited me. Yeah, thanks Sparkie.

3. Today he changed the plans, and left even earlier – I quickly came home from work to make it on time and was ready to go until he basically uninvited me, stating that he was just going to be “talking banking” so we could meet in an hour and catch dinner before his next social event.

4. I came to meet him and not only did he not show up he didn’t even answer his phone for 15 mins. He ALWAYS answers his phone for EVERYONE else. His best friend, his clients, his son. So I stood there like an idiot and then said fuck it and walked home.

5. Finally when he did text me, he says and I quote “We are eating truffle popcorn and drinking French 75 champagne with gin… Debs is keen to take you here due to your profound love of popcorn. It’s off the charts.

He blows such smoke  up everyone’s, telling people what they want to hear — this means nothing to me. Love how “banker” just became Debs. When he left he was was dressed exceedingly well.. I certainly haven’t seen that in a while – fuck I haven’t even had a proper orgasm in a while. Thankfully I can handle that shit on my own. I doubt we would ever have sex if I didn’t initiate it.

You know, the list is pilling up. I am sick to death of being second with him, I am always the one waiting for him to deal with his shit, to figure out he wants to be here. I have been waiting this whole fucking time.

AND to top all of this off – I wouldn’t even give a shit about half of this stuff if he hadn’t been on the verge of breaking up with me after I started spending time with my friends – doing other things that I enjoyed. I have basically cut one of my closest friends out of my life to satisfy him – to ease his fears to help him not feel jealous. Now how is this fair?? I done want to be here right now .


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