..why must people SUCK..

I am feeling extremely cynical today. I look around and all I see are lying, cheating, using, misrepresenting, omitting, manipulating, bullshit creating people. How the fuck did I end up here? 

First: My Ex. What a jerk. He continually wields words of absolute cruelty towards me. He has made it nearly impossible to achieve normalcy for my kids and I – I would have been so absolutely willing to work together for the good of those two – yet at every turn I am sabotaged. My only constellation – I am actually at a place where I will speak my mind freely – I call his shit as I see it. 

Second: CG. Well – This one is my own damn fault. I trusted him despite everything I know to be good and true, constantly being trudged through the mud. He lies to me via omission. We’ve had a pretty tumultuous year and a half – yet funnily we get along great 90% of the time. It’s just that he has a trim of woman that seem to be part of our relationship. AND despite my sensitivity – he STILL feels the need to lie and hide even the most benign things. If you are going to hide the little things, when you are blazingly inclusive about EVERY OTHER thing – it makes you look guilty. I already have an extremely hard time trusting you… why hide if you have nothing to hide – it makes you look guilty. Fucker. 

Third: Friends that lie to your face when it suits their best interest. WELL this is a general FUCK YOU. I’m done with you too. 

Okay back to work, I am sure I’ll have something sunshiny to say later but for now – two the three idiots that this post is intended toward – fuck you. 



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