From me to CG:

Going to do the lookout tonight – easy 800 cal burn. Work this shit through my system.

I hate my vulnerabilities. I’d trade anything to heal them up once & for all.

“Not good enough”

I logically KNOW that I am, I know I am a very good and influential. A kind, person – I know I am giving and generous with both my time & talent – I know I am loyal to a fault…

Yet… the wound is sneaky and it whispers right to my soul

He didn’t tell you she reached out, he responded right away.. Even though she specifically asked HIM to come over, even though, despite your reach outs hoping for a friendship – she blocked you from Facebook & didn’t answer any of your text messages, she flirts with him… he promised you he wouldn’t talk to her anymore – and did anyway, whisper, whisper, whisper…

This is a very painful experience.

Shouldn’t I be stronger than this? I don’t want your (or anyone else’s actions to have the ability to harm my heart)

Yet, I see no way out other than through.

So to mask my weakness and broken heart I’ll do what I do best – escape to the woods.


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