..good morning..

As I type today I am sitting with my coffee, the news is on in the background & I am over looking a splendid sunrise. I made a deal with myself to get out of the house and exercise for roughly and hour each day. I began September first and will continue hopefully and as a reward for that – reforming that habit by the time October rolls in. I am not formally doing another 12×12 but maybe, who knows I haven’t decided yet. (Nothing new for a Virgo)

I am planning to do a huge hike today with CG. We had a cool evening hike yesterday, actually we’ve been two for two the last two nights have been amazing! Last night we hit the summit and brought our dinner up there (Spaghetti made with squash & tomatoes from my mom’s garden) Really How cool is that, eating on top of a mountain with food grown from the local earth by parents hands. I just really felt grounded. I feeling I struggle to achieve often. 

Still speaking of the magic of the evening hike – the first night up here – we witnessed one of the MOST beautiful sunsets I have EVER had the good fortune to see. It was spectacular. Truly, spectacular. & it was the official celebration of my birthday 36 for a week already 🙂 I am loving it. 


Time to get up and get ready for the last day of awesome weather hiking, I want to enjoy every second! Peace & Goodness! 


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