..dark night..

Conversation between a friend and I: Remember how you said you felt like you didn't like yourself as much, that your partner brought out something in you that wasn't a comfortable feeling? This is how tonight actually went down, I've been putting on a brave face, not just today but pretty consistently through the last... Continue Reading →


..double standard..

You know what pisses me off. Double standards. CG is such a fucking liar. He is so sweet to my face but he NEVER keeps is damn word. AND the thing that pisses me off most, he blames it on other shit. All the fucking time. He is such a liar. I am so fucking... Continue Reading →

..why must people SUCK..

I am feeling extremely cynical today. I look around and all I see are lying, cheating, using, misrepresenting, omitting, manipulating, bullshit creating people. How the fuck did I end up here?¬†First: My Ex. What a jerk. He continually wields words of absolute cruelty towards me. He has made it nearly impossible to achieve normalcy for... Continue Reading →

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