..the first and last day of my daily posting..

Day two. LOL we’ll see how this post a day actually goes.

Today began in a meh sort of fashion, it was normal but I found myself kind of grumpy. (my reason) A text CG received. (This is one thing I really don’t like about him – he’s got this weird sort of influence over woman and there just always seems to be someone else working for his attention). It drives me nuts, yet he is so open and accountable now – even truly un-encouraging to these people. This leaves me frustrated because I can’t really be mad at him, but I am mad at the situation and since he’s near me I end up being mad at him.


Anyways, after coffee we suited up and went to work out – via a mountain on snowshoes. I was not feeling it, it was hard, I was cold and since I was grumpy all my good energy was blocked and working against me. I literally stopped 20 feet from the top and just stood there glaring at the summit. CG gave me a push, right to my ego and as he knew it would it made me say FUCK YOU and I summited. He’s good for me that way, pushing my personal limits. Knowing full well I am capable to be greater than I usually think on my own. When I got to the top he stood right in front of me put his hands on my shoulders and gave me a coach pep talk about how great I am and how he will always push my ass when ever I try and short change myself, it was about a 30 second speech but fuck, lol that man he cuts through my doubting bullshit so suavely. In the end, I turned around and enjoyed the trek down so much more, the beautiful vista, the way the clouds part, the glittery snow falling, the sunshine, the air, the exercise, the majestic beauty. I am glad I went, I am glad I didn’t quit.


That’s me, touching the pole at the top.

I ended up having a rather remarkable day, I was thinking back to one year ago – where I was. Interestingly I was on the same mountain but this time with my gf and another friend of her’s and we were snowshoeing as well – although that time there was an abundance of snow. It was essentially that day, one year ago the idea for the 12×12 percolated. Incredible how far I have come in 12 months. 364 days. It’s been completely transformative.

I drove to the west coast, listening to some older music on my Life Soundtrack playlist. Something very cool the other day, I put this in order according to download date, so the 1000 songs on there are now in the order I downloaded them, which correspond to my state of life for each song, what a trip down memory lane.


When we reached the coast immediately we met with other couple for drinks. The are the owners of a B&B on the beach and are originally from the bay area in the states. They had a remarkable exit about 10 or 12 years ago and relocated up here to start this little adventure. We met purely by kismet and ended up having 2 bottles of wine and talking for hours. The needed some digital help, and I needed some collaboration for my new projects. The conversation was interesting and they are fabulous, we are going to see them again tonight and I’m actually excited to see what the future  holds. Thank you UNIVERSE!

Following that, we made our way to the other side of the peninsula and checked into our B&B and then went for dinner, it was nothing short of food porn. Beyond good. There was more wine, more great conversation and we capped the night with a hot tub in the pouring rain over looking the ocean. It smelled heavenly, I so love being next to the ocean you have no idea what it does to my soul. Sooooothing.

If you made it through that, I applaud you. I was rambling I know.

See you tomorrow Readers~

Ps. RG and I chatted. All good, my frustration lasted about two seconds. I’m too peaceful with my own life to be irritated with him, maybe one day I’ll bring it up but not now, It’s not our time. I love him, really truly but I’ll be very happy if we can find our way as kindreds – he’s like I’ve said so many times before – supposed to be in my life but not necessarily as my partner. RG gave me an update on Bali, sent his love and NY greetings, I said the same. I feel very clean about it all. I am very, very ready to go into 2014.


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