..happy day oh birth to ME..

well. happy birthday?


It actually is a happy day, not in a overwhelming star shooting overhead kind of way but in a very mature, satisfying, loving kinda way.

Of course there was some Dh drama. I didn’t actually get to spend the day with my kids. Sad. Sad on so many levels. Here’s the thing though, I can wallow and be miserable and sadly acknowledge that I will never be free from his oppression or I can do what I have been doing… Make the best of my life and move on. Does that take away the disappointment? No. However I am stronger for persevering on. I am sad for my children. I know that they miss me, and I know that Dd at least wanted to be here. Ds is a full on teenager I have no idea how he feels, possibly indifferent? Im not taking in personally regardless. So big breath. I am never going to stop fighting that internal battle, he can push and I am going to stay strong and carry on.

So back to me for a second.

I am sitting at my workstation in my own kitchen, while City Guy is cooking for me. He’s doing something that smells fantastic. I am not going to be a hugely judgemental critic tonight, as I spend the entire day on the west coast surfing in 10 foot swells. It was a perfect day, stormy and blasting down with rain. You know I love that humbling feeling of knowing just how incredibly insignificant I actually am – well nothing like getting pitched around in the sea on an 8 ft surf board to remind you of your own mortality. As I knew that this dinner was happening I passed on TacoFino D:

I know!!


But here we are appetite is raging, post surf food needs to be ample because its a work. out.

I think I just drooled on the keyboard a little bit.

oh gosh, I need to change the subject.

SO. About today. Great day.

Wait, I need to chat about what i am currently enjoying..


One of my favourite memories over this past summer was a day spend wine tasting in Napa California.

It was my first experience ever, I was in the process of being educated and what process it was. It was beautiful. We began the day with a place called Pina. Which in my opinion (not that at this point was worth much), but this place had the nicest chardonney I’ve ever tasted. Next place we visited was a place called Baldacci  – if you have a minute.. click the name. It was such a romantic place. I loved, loved, loved their story. There was next a place called Chimney Rock.



You know those funny rare moments when you know you are in a ‘moment’. This place was like that for me. I met a man, whom we had a mutual friend from the island where I live. That in itself was rare but the cool thing was – it was my night to shine. It was the first time City Guy had really ever seen my extravert side step out and shine. It was very cool that it was ME that propelled the situation, controlled the room, charmed the audience. That day turned into night and I was the driving force. The sommelier was pouring from $350 bottles by the end of the night. I’m sure that he wasn’t suppose to do that but Ces’t la vie. We enjoyed the evening immensely. It was such a fun day in it’s totality.

So where was I even going?? Tonight for my birthday we’ve opened one of the bottles from Chimney Rock. Kind of fitting I think. Again. Happy Birthday to me and cheers to my chef as this smells AMAZING.

Over all I am at peace right now. I am grateful for all the lovely people in my world, for my health, for the many opportunities that lay ahead – I have high hopes for my 35th year.

Well I think dinner is ready, thanks for reading ❤

Peace & Love,

-Miss d.


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