..enter, City Guy..

Love how the universe throws things at you when you very least expect it.

If there was some list, some list of all the very detailed things that I would like to use to create the perfect guy it would probably look a little something like this..

Intellectual, successful, funny, maker of great coffee, bringer of great coffee directly to me upon waking, humble, engaging, loving, alpha male, music lover, even better – music player, adventurous, poetic, a writer, fit, family oriented, appreciator of good food and wine, a maverick, dangerous, tender, strong, sexy, competitive, possessive, generous, well traveled, willing to travel, a little bit christian grey, esteemed, good beer after a great hike enjoyer, driven..

Well, enter City Guy. Everything about this guy is levelling me. I couldn’t have seen him coming in one thousand years.

It’s a bit crazy, life in general.

The divine comedy, a prose written by Dante.. his work is an allegory about his interpretation of the afterlife.. but for me the divine comedy is just that – life, my life, your life , just life in general. I mean really what else could be considered? We walk around in our pretentious self assured ways and actually think WE are the great impactors.. we the masters of our own fate when really, and don’t freak out because I know this will not be received well by everyone – it seems like the universe is all over it. We’re just the actors on a stage, and the great director has written the script.

My life has changed in this hugely impactive way, I’m no longer singular – it’s gone from free to we. Almost over night, honestly I am still processing. I was so afraid but now after this past weekend I am anything but afraid. I am just going to allow myself this moment to be.

I want to do justice to our story, city guy and I but you know what – I think I might just let him tell you himself.

I am so tired – sleep is necessary.

Great weekend, I’ll write about it tomorrow.


-Miss D


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