..city guy, meets pastor girl..

Usually when I start writing something I have a tag line in my head.. but today I've got nothing. I feel like writing today for the reason I have always been drawn to writing, to ease tension to work out something going on in my mind - in the depths of it and to process... Continue Reading →


..first dates..

So in this adventure I have been so poetically calling; Adventures in dating land.. my tongue and cheek blast at Adventures in ZOMBIELAND. Yes that is where my brain goes. and no it doesn't really make sense. Since my Match experiment - I have had many, many first dates. My three most memorable, I am... Continue Reading →

..enter, City Guy..

Love how the universe throws things at you when you very least expect it. If there was some list, some list of all the very detailed things that I would like to use to create the perfect guy it would probably look a little something like this.. Intellectual, successful, funny, maker of great coffee, bringer of great coffee directly... Continue Reading →

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