..city guy, meets pastor girl..


Usually when I start writing something I have a tag line in my head.. but today I’ve got nothing. I feel like writing today for the reason I have always been drawn to writing, to ease tension to work out something going on in my mind – in the depths of it and to process what is on my heart these days.

July 3, 2013 – 0 + 7 + 0 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 16 – 1 + 6 = 7 = Enlightenment, love, luck, peace, Happiness.

15 days ago I walked into the Terminal City Club (even the name lends it self to a higher playing power of fate – terminal being a point of jump off)  and since then my life has been a whirl of steady charisma. I feel very comfortable here yet at the same time – my body is shouting at me. I have no idea if what I am feeling is an internal sub-conscience red flag? If I can be my most basic literal self for a moment, there is NOTHING wrong with this situation. I am in the company of a man that – at the very least is in very serious ‘LIKE’ with me, and at best has fallen hard. It’s what I wanted right? While laying there on the beach last month on my Broken Group trip – the transition day of the super moon – I asked for this.

Although the commitment feels scary, I did want this.

That was literally hours before we first connected. Impact.

I wasn’t really looking for him at all.

June 23rd, 2013  – 0 + 6 + 2 + 3 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 3 = 17 – 1+7 = 8 = Power.

For what ever reason – at 2 am that night in my tent, while listening to the waves lap dangerously close – and truly being present to the absolute magnanimity of the very place I was It was as if a great tremor shook the world I knew and that’s when it happened. He wrote me. He sent me an email that took my breathe. I remember feverishly sitting up and and with an open jaw, going what the heck – who is this guy?! He wrote so poetically, he commented on several of my pictures and then took an obvious leap of faith and wrote to me from his heart. I was off the grid for the most part that weekend so I simply replied “Loved this, takes a lot to grab my attention, well played. I am currently in the middle of no where in a tent on an island in the pacific ocean – will write you properly when I return to civilization.” or something to that effect. Between that moment and our real time conversation – he sent me a few more emails – all so crazily inline with my heart of hearts. That’s how this all started. He drew me in with his worlds, his intellect, his humour, his wit, his charm. When we actually talked on the phone, it was the epitome of ease. So charming, so charming in fact I immediately felt distrustful. 🙂 LOL I marked him as a player.

It is funny though that little quiet voice that whispers, listen to your heart..

After a bit of time, talking, emailing and texting we decided to meet up. You know the first date.. well actually you know first thru 3rd dates – they happened here in Vancouver – urban life in all it’s glorious indulgence.. As you know – I am always open to trying new things, I love adventure, I love spontaneity, I do – I really do buuuuut to make this man even more attractive to me – dates 4 through 7 happened on my turf.

So not only does City guy speak to me with sincerity, love and a very jovial nature, he is alpha through and through. He’s an ardent athlete – and loves and I mean genuinely loves to spend time in nature. I joined him at his mountain residence and we spend three days reaching the summits of various local peeks, we went mountain biking, hiking, and seriously prioritized being present, watching sunrises, sunsets, the stars, the beautiful green aesthetic beauty of all that surrounded us. Well – if I wasn’t at peace with the decision to try on “girlfriend” status before – he swept me that weekend.

It’s pretty rare I think to meet someone that fits so incredibly well into your idea of mate. It’s not lost on me that we are very different – he’s 15 years older & lives a very different day to day existence but – despite that I feel that we can and will bring out in each other a side that isn’t easily available to the public in general. I bring to him zen and peace and trust and fire, he counters my fire and brings out in me drive, and safety and challenge and contentment.

I am ocean, he is mountain.

This is the beginning of our story, Libra Man meets Virgo Girl.

I am a deeply intuitive romantic, this is reckless on every human level but when it’s good, by God is it ever good. I am going to let him see this in me. My Leo cusp is roaring with pleasure. I am as much alpha as he is and I know that attracts him as it does me.

Right now, that’s all I know. That’s all I can see. I don’t know where I will be in a month, I don’t know what’s in store for us – all I know is that – right now this is exactly where I want to be.

My body is nervously trying to fend off love – I know it’s only trying to protect me. My heart is strong though. If this guy breaks it – it’s a risk I am prepared to take – it will be but a small crack that my spirit will heal. LIke always, I am all about go hard or go home, this will be no different.

I hope that soon, my body will let go of the fight and trust my heart. Once that happened, there is no telling where City guy and I may end up.

I hope.


..first dates..

So in this adventure I have been so poetically calling; Adventures in dating land.. my tongue and cheek blast at Adventures in ZOMBIELAND. Yes that is where my brain goes. and no it doesn’t really make sense.

Since my Match experiment – I have had many, many first dates. My three most memorable, I am pleased to say are still in my life.

Obviously there was Radio guy, my first. He’s has journeyed with me a while now – so much so that we are in a new place of pure friendship and I love it. He is hands down one of my favourite boys and I genuinely love that it’s plutonic. Easy. Free flowing, we have found our niche.

Fort Mac Guy– Lame first date. A walk and a talk & ZERO attraction.

Engineer Guy – Sushi – Good food no spark.

Dealership Guy, Coffee – No attraction, and he has weird boundary issues.

Dirt Bike Guy, Coffee – He had a weird laugh and for what ever reason – that annoyed me.

Pilot Guy, Sushi – actually funny thing – pilot guy left for about a month just after we met and although we kept in touch I didn’t really consider him to be a potential. Everything about Pilot guy is great – he’s a great guy. LOL I totally underestimated him on our first date – he was way better looking, much more funny, and most importantly so incredibly genuine that easily we have slipped into being friends.

Fire Fighter Guy, coffee. I don’t know – he’s older.. well similar age to Radio Guy, Dealership Guy and City Guy but some how he just seemed older. He was even Catholic but there were no sparks, so nope.

Runner Guy, Sushi. Way too darn young.

Naniamo Guy, Actually this was one of the very best first dates I’ve had. He came to me in my town which is actually not something I normally do and we went hiking. He and I had been talking/texting for quite some time – but to be honest I kinda of thought maybe he was a bit too young for me, similar age to pilot guy. We talked and laughed and actually had a really good connection. He’s a tad immature but physically was attracted to him. He’s outback meets goofy, it’s cute. Bad timing I guess though, because when I met him – we had our first date literally the day before City Guy and I had ours.

Due to the amount of time Radio Guy and I spend together there happened to be much ebb and flow to my dating career. I gave he and I a shot emotionally, I don’t know how to multiply date with intention.. I can easily date multiply in a plutonic way, I am a very social person – but If there are feelings, I do tend to stick with one person to see what happens. It really wasn’t until I knew with certainty that there was nothing between us that I was open to meeting a new person – and being open to more than a friendship.

I know, I know, not very 21st century.

City Guy, As far as first dates go… this one was a good one. We met at 4:10 on a Wednesday afternoon for pre dinner drinks, we kind of had an easy out claus as we had been taking for a bit before the initial “meet up” – had it not gone well, we’d have parted ways after drinks.

He met me in the foyer of his club, thankfully I was dressed appropriately – beautiful shoes and confidence.. I mean really, what else do you need? Oh a smile, I wore that too.

Funny thing, my intuition was screaming that I was about to dive into a shark tank.

I already knew this guy wasn’t like the rest, but then again, neither am I – I am earth and fire.. Mutable and very STRONG. So sharks move over, this I’ve got.

I think the universe was smiling one me, because the oddest thing happened on my way…  Literally three minutes before I walked into the club I was hit on twice in two minutes. You want to talk about a spike in pheromones? City guy really didn’t stand a chance. Even to me, it’s funny.

I walked in and saw him standing up a flight of marble steps and literally the first thing I thought to my self hmm, he’s not horrible.  Haha that ‘s bad I know but we ‘d been talking and I really wasn’t totally sure what he looked like. We said a very intense hello, think breathlessness and fire IMMEDIATELY from him, from me it was awkwrdness and introversion begging for a rock to hide under..  – City Guy introduced me to a business associate that was just leaving and we went out to a patio to get acquainted.

He was rattled and so was I. My hands shook but not like they did with Radio Guy, lol as long as I live I’ll never forget that first date.


He brought me the most beautiful flowers and a card that read, “There will come a time that we will look back on this day and laugh, Welcome to Vancouver.” He’s a very poetic person, a Libra – the scales – half ALPHA MALE 2.0 & half dead poet society. Could we have found a better balance for me and my Leo cusp self??

Well one hour turned into two and we decided to have dinner. We went to a place called the Flying Pig. Fantastic atmosphere, great wine, delicious halibut. It was easy conversation, lots of laughter and genuine interest in both parties.

It’s interesting how – sometimes all the irregular elements just sort of align. I am going to attribute this to the recent super moon that we experienced this past June 23rd.. as that really was the gravitational shift that begins our story.

As with all REALLY GOOD first dates.. it led to another.

Date Number 2.


Insert, hiking shoes, lululemon,  a beautiful view. City guy and I were measuring what the other was made of on this date, without a doubt. I to see if he was all talk and trying to impress me like the rest & him – I think the same reason… I am an athlete and so is he. There is NO mistaking that. City guy, for his age, looks good. Abs & beautiful biceps… (One of my favourite body parts are well developed arms & shoulders, so effing sexy.

Date Number 2 started very early the next day we met up for breakfast, and over breakfast we decided to do the infamous “CHIEF“. That was a fabulous day of adventure to which we followed up with the best tasting beer & burgers  (a veggie burger for me – of course) Nothing better than a great work out and a beer to follow. It’s satisfying.

Loved that date, even more than the first! But.. dates and good ones at that ended up leading to more dates so what else were we to do but go on our third date!

Date # 3. We met on commercial drive and had iced coffee on a patio, this day we just talked and talked. LIttle did he know, that is one of my favourite things to do.. talk literature or cinema, politics, or social justice on a patio in the sun with really good coffee. From the coffee shop we decided to go to Beir Craft, more food and a tasting. Funny thing about City Guy, he really is a city guy. Super urban. I never really thought I’d be into a guy like that – there is a bit more to him than that superficial description for sure but hey, we’d just met so what did I know 😉

Right from the word Go I could tell one thing,  City guy was VERY into me, and I on the other hand was was still not totally ready for “relationship“.

Just the word is terrifying.

City guy is DIRECT. He’s a man that knows what he wants and makes darn sure he get it. This on one hand is sooo alluring. I love that confidence, on the other had I am a stuborn scottish virgo/leo and NOBODY tells me what to do.

He likes it. My tenacity I mean. Little does he know though, I’m not playing hard to get, I AM hard to get. 

I think, and this is CRAZY to even admit, but I think he’s falling in love with me. I’ve never really been one to fall in and out of love super easily, but that’s neither here nor there just yet and an entire post of it’s own.

We’re actually on about date number 6 or 7 I think, there is much more to write but this post is coming to you from my workstation and TBH there is very little work at all being done today so I should probably work on that 😉

Hope everyone is having a stellar Monday,

-Miss D xo

..enter, City Guy..

Love how the universe throws things at you when you very least expect it.

If there was some list, some list of all the very detailed things that I would like to use to create the perfect guy it would probably look a little something like this..

Intellectual, successful, funny, maker of great coffee, bringer of great coffee directly to me upon waking, humble, engaging, loving, alpha male, music lover, even better – music player, adventurous, poetic, a writer, fit, family oriented, appreciator of good food and wine, a maverick, dangerous, tender, strong, sexy, competitive, possessive, generous, well traveled, willing to travel, a little bit christian grey, esteemed, good beer after a great hike enjoyer, driven..

Well, enter City Guy. Everything about this guy is levelling me. I couldn’t have seen him coming in one thousand years.

It’s a bit crazy, life in general.

The divine comedy, a prose written by Dante.. his work is an allegory about his interpretation of the afterlife.. but for me the divine comedy is just that – life, my life, your life , just life in general. I mean really what else could be considered? We walk around in our pretentious self assured ways and actually think WE are the great impactors.. we the masters of our own fate when really, and don’t freak out because I know this will not be received well by everyone – it seems like the universe is all over it. We’re just the actors on a stage, and the great director has written the script.

My life has changed in this hugely impactive way, I’m no longer singular – it’s gone from free to we. Almost over night, honestly I am still processing. I was so afraid but now after this past weekend I am anything but afraid. I am just going to allow myself this moment to be.

I want to do justice to our story, city guy and I but you know what – I think I might just let him tell you himself.

I am so tired – sleep is necessary.

Great weekend, I’ll write about it tomorrow.


-Miss D