June Challenge

Here we are, I can hardly believe it… half way through the year. This month marks our 6th challenge of the 12×12 & over the last 6 months I would like to think I have honesty grown and begun an irreversible stretching process to “box” that is my inmost self. 

That was the point of it all.. Today let’s take a look back and assess the journey thus far. I am going to repost my original post – the one that really launched this idea. 

…the silver-lining…

Posted on December 29, 2012 by Miss. D


Here we are again, at resolution time. Everyone makes them, some people file them quietly away in their own hearts, do better, try harder… while others are loud and flagrant about it – I. WILL. ACCOMPLISH. X. Hear me ROAR!!

What do these resolution enthusiasts have in common do you think?

Here’s a hint, 1 month. Okay, that wasn’t a hint it was the answer. One Month.

On average most people give up, GIVE UP, their desire to accomplish X after one short month. My Gosh, that is reaking sad.

So. If you have been with me awhile, you will have noticed this past year has been a tad dreadful. Ha. Let’s cut the bollox. This last year has been the very worst of my own short life and let me tell ya, that’s saying something.

However, I am pretty clearly able to see the silver-lining, that is the flip side to this awful down trodden year – and guess what folks. It’s ME.

Who am I? I have asked it one thousand times of my self. Well. Here I am. I come from a blood line of woman that were adventures and stubborn and passionate and above anything else – strong. Hearts, Heads & Bodies. Strong.

I have learned with definitive clarity what I am made of.

Mairidh Mi

From the long look inside my self, choices upon choices, to this point today. It is very, very clear that I can formally say with clarity and honour – Mairidh mi. I WILL endure.

So here we are – resolution time again. To be honest I am not really one for resolutions – but I am one definitely for closure. In order that I might have closure from this last year – I am stepping forward not just timidly hoping that this next year might be better than the last, oh no. This year WILL be better than the last because I shall see it so. 

I am embarking on a personal challenge. It is called 12×12. The Box that has held me prisoner for such a time that I had to turn inward to face the things that were upon my heart – now my dear readers that box is going to be securely and strategically broken down and recycled for some other unsuspecting soul to journey with – for I am HERE and let me LIVE!


The premise:

Each month I will focus upon one task that will irrevocably challenge me, scare me, push me, or force me to break the bonds of my 12×12 box.

Each month, I will rise and concur and in the rising and concurring of the challenges I will most securely harden the new self which is… me. Years have gone by, living with identity of Mother, of Wife, of Youth Minister, of whatever… but even though – those identities are most securely a part of me – there is ME too. What is it that makes me really FEEL ALIVE? What brings me passion, and exhilaration? For that is the part of me that the box was enclosing in this last year – it’s been a dull sheltered sad existence – feeling that in losing those parts of me – or what I conceived to be losing – that I had also lost self. That was really my box I think.

Simply not true though. It’s been rather, evolution.

I haven’t marked out each task just yet (I have only a rough idea) as things may change or new challenges may arise spontaneously and I may choose to challenge in areas that I haven’t yet thought of – but here goes..


2013 12×12 Challenge

January: Polar Bear Swim.

Here are some Ideas…

The Great Walk

Mud, Run, Ride

Hike the Mt Kusim

Hike the Grand Canyon

White Water Rafting, In the Fraser River.

Bungy Jumping, (I’m mean pitching your self of a perfectly good bridge, Scary as Hell!!)

Grouse Mountain Grind.

Hike Cape Scott

Lesson my footprint

Learn to practice gratitude DAILY

Do a Tough Mudder

Learn to play guitar

Kayaking through the Broken Islands

Do 30 ‘Guy’ Push Ups

Run in Central Park

Get outside everyday for a month

Be Spontaneous 

Learn to be really present

Eat Clean

Mud, Sweat & Tears

Practice Mind over Matter

I am very open to ideas, do you have an Eco Adventure Tour Business? Pitch me your adventure and my friends and I will “Be Challenged”

2013 is going to be AMAZING!!


Your Box may not necessarily be the same as mine, maybe you need to grow in other areas – spiritually, mentally or whatever. For me the box contained my physical self – and that is what I plan to break free – but I challenge you think about the areas that are stunted and dark – which box would you like to break free of and be challenged with me!!

I am going to create a page – HERE. It’s going to be a running journal of the insight and triumphs that I experience as I go along through this next year. I would love to hear from you, if you choose to go for it to. Post about your own experiences and joys as you emerge from the 12×12 that was containing you.

This here is my favourite Pinterest board – it’s filled with things that remind me of my muchness!

Peace & Love,

Miss D.



I have had to dispell a great number of fears over the last 6 months and I imagine I will continue to do so in the next six – that however is NOT going to stop me. This is about evolution. I am evolving into the person I am choosing to be. 

So JUNE Challenge. 

Like the look back this morning, I am going to do that physically, spiritually and emotionally this month. 

By living simply, no unnecessary spending. No SHOPPING. No dining out, No coffee from SB or Serious or even Tim’s. No shoes, No dresses, No nail polish. For the remainder of this month, I will appreciate all that I have and not buy into the commercialistic society that confuses need with want. 

I am going to work out – simply. Running & Calisthenics & Yoga. 

I am going to begin & end each day in gratitude. 

I am going to love. Really love the people in my world.  

I think doing this type of a challenge right now, will actually be particularly challenging. It’s crazy busy in my personal life and that always lends to the quick fix mentality. Buy dinner, Buy coffee, Buy whatever you need because we can and it’s easy and you don’t have to think or plan. 

Later in the month, Sarah Rose & I are planning to Kayak through the Broken Islands. That will be putting this into full practice, we are going to be spending 48 hours with no communication, no luxuries and no material bullshit. Two nights under a super moon, eating simply, traveling by our own power, enjoying the simple beauty of the magnificent world around us. PURE GRATITUDE. 

I hope where ever you are in your own journey’s that you might take a moment today to pause and reflect – and let this sink in.. you are made for greatness – do you accept? 

Much Love, Miss D. 


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