..smiley, happy, me..

That title makes my superstitious self cringe a bit. Usually when I comment on the good parts of my life something negative has a way of blowing in and like a nasty insolent child rearing its head in hopes to remind me, “I’m still here. You can’t ignore me completely.”

This is true, but that’s something I am learning, negative is the balance of positive. And life has a way of swinging back and forth between the two in order to maintain balance.

Today I am writing from an unusual spot, I am sitting on the pedicure bench at my favourite spa.ย My daughter is getting her nails done. We usually do it together but this week was such an odd one that we had to have separate appointments. So here I sit writing to you and waiting for her. Well it hasn’t been totally waiting.. I got my haircut already and in a little bit I am getting a few foils put in. That’s kind of exciting, very sun kissed. I haven’t coloured my hair in probably decade. Actually, not that long, the year Ds was in kindergarten I coloured my hair dark, dark brown. (which I loved) Since then nada.

So what to write about..

My week was eventful. My life is eventful. I came home from Vic late Sunday night slept deeply, woke up Monday went to a friggen crazy bootcamp class, had coffee & a catch up with one of my girlfriends, had my kids after school, made a yummy dinner then attended Dd’s final band concert. Radio guy had been out of town the week previous so we talked a bit that night after he got back to the island. I packed my things and tried to have an early night. That was the first night that I didn’t sleep. On Tuesday I woke up and went to MY nail appointment, got the cutest nails…


…and then took off to Vancouver to meet a friend for some mid week adventure. We met up at his office, which was cool I had a little visit with our Arch Diocesan neighbours. ๐Ÿ™‚ Dinner followed, lots of laughs a little shopping and then the reason I was there…


That night was soooo much fun. Def. I drank too much but aww well no lasting harm done thank goodness. I am so happy I decided to go though because the energy, oh I am so addicted to good positive chaotic energy. Just being on the floor in the middle of this awesome music, and crazy atmosphere I was so in the moment. Truly time stopped for a little while. I need that now and again ๐Ÿ™‚

Wednesday, ugh lovely wednesday. Aha. I was a wee bit hung over but thankful I stayed at a good friends house and he fed be water and really yummy greasy food. aha. After breakfast he dropped me off at the bottom of a mountain with well wishes and lets do this again soon. Absolutely we will. I had previously made up my mind to do this hike called the Grouse Grind. It was pouring and foggy and I was all alone. You know what though, it was exactly what I needed. One leg after the other I marched up the craggy steps to the top. I truly enjoyed that experience. The elements are so soothing to me, so renewing…



When I reached the top I decided to get completely changed – a lesson I am learning about my self – post any physical activity I get a severe chill – I need to change quickly. So I did at the top of Grouse Mountain. I enjoyed the tram down even though it was so foggy you really couldn’t see anything. Then I in my pilgimish sort of way made my way back to the ferry.

Random. Last week there were so many highly impactive things that happened to me which seemed completely random.

– My back going out – which led to a very productive conversation between my self and the Uvic Chaplin about an upcoming collaboration in a mission opportunity.

–ย The book on Abandonment to the Divine Providence that my friend randomly gave me at dinner on Saturday night. He had no idea of the significance nor my previous interaction with that book.

– While walking off the floor after the concert, I found this.. ย IMG_2042

– On the ferry home I sat in front of a couple – a woman came up to them and was kind of making a big deal about the hat he was wearing. Apparently her husband was a fan of the company and the show they put on… so since this got my attention and looked. It was Engineer guys company logo. LOL So I asked the couple sitting behind me, if in fact Engineer guy was on the ferry. He was. LOL we ended up having a good catch up and that made the ferry way less boring. I think I forgot to mention that Engineer guy takes every summer off from work and owns a company called West Coast Logger Shows. He and his team travel all over north america putting on these shows. It’s kind of cool. He will be in Saskatoon when I am there this summer so I promised that I’d come see a show. We still dont have any chemistry but I could see my self becoming better friends with him. He’s a cancer – but also a really calm soul. I do very well around cancer people.

That takes us to wednesday evening. Since I hadn’t seen radio guy in a while because of our work schedules I promised him we’d hang out that night. I went home, dropped off my stuff, cleaned up then went to meet him for coffee and a movie. Like always we had a really good conversation. He’s opening up, just so slowly, it’s new for me – I’ve never met anyone like him. Something that I noticed, I am very comfortable being my truest self with him. I like that. Even the christianity thing, I am just being authentic and he makes me comfortable. I love that.

Thursday, I was running late. As I was I was coming into town I got a text message, that read: Random question – what do you drive? First of all I was like awkward.. I hate it when people notice me but I don’t notice them. It was dealership guy & he was right beside me. LOL. We chatted for a bit & decided to have coffee later in the day. Which was good and fine, he’s an interesting person. I don’t feel anything towards him beyond friendship and actually made told him that I am seeing someone, to be fair/clear. It was a good visit and a nice distraction in my crazy busy day. That night – lol well that night I couldn’t have seen coming – well actually sure I could.. I should know by now ๐Ÿ˜› I’m not going to go into detail but I’ll leave you readers with this.. estrogen, kickball, beer, fishbowls, pubs, baseball players, wings, laughter, getting ID’d at the bloody Quinny, BITCH, and ahhhh thursday night in the RIV!

Friday, well friday was friday I had an event that night called Bazinga. It was a hilarious evening and so much fun! Radio Guy and I had dinner before it all kicked off, we went to Titia’s and unfortunately found out it’s got new owners. I really hope they don’t change the food. It’s such a good restaurant. It was nice, I wasn’t feeling my self totally, kind of stressed, kind of sick and we just chatted about life as usual.

Saturday (which was the day I started this post) Sunday (brutal) Monday (proactive) Tuesday (today).

Well like I said my intuition is flawless. I knew something was coming, I didn’t anticipate it would be this big or scary either. I’ll write about it later when I have a chance for now – I need to get ready for work.

Happy Tuesday Peeps!

Thanks for reading about my crazy week.


– Miss D.


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