..sunday fire..

  I have been toying with writing for a while now, as so much has been going on.. I even took to writing classically with actual pen and paper! It does tend to go that way when I am wondering through my summers. I wrote a facebook status last week that asked the question; "If... Continue Reading →


..come as you are..

I love this song. I like to think I am so fiery and independent but fuck that is so not true. I am struggling every single day to find my place. This is my blessing and my curse. I cant be still. I want MORE. I can't seem to stop my self from trying to... Continue Reading →

..the storm..

I'm in this place again. It's dark here, and cold. It's loud, what is that sound? Wrath, fire, wind silently penetrating my ears, my soul. It hurts everywhere. I hurt. There is a rough wooden chair, I am sitting in it, my wrists are bound cruelly with leather straps to the ridged arms of the... Continue Reading →

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