.. when in doubt, follow Indiana..


Indiana Jones (Raiders) rules of adventuring:
1. Whatever plan you initially had probably won’t work (replacing the Idol has consequences)
2. Traps are everywhere
3. You’ll probably end up partnering with someone awkward
4. You’ll definitely face your greatest fear (snakes, why did it have to be snakes)
5. Be prepared to be opposed and have someone take what your hard work accomplished
6. Most of the time you won’t even have a plan but you’ll be making it up as you go (great line)
7. It’ll be dangerous
8. You’ll get hurt (even inadvertently by someone close to you)
9. You may end up in the LAST place you ever wanted to be in
10. In the end what you thought you were doing wasn’t what you were actually doing (finding the Ark vs. keeping it safe)
11. If you learn something about yourself, perhaps something about God, and happen to get the girl it’s all worth it.



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