..just a girl..

My song, today.

I’m thinking about making this blog pubic. Or at least I am thinking about not actively hiding it anymore. I don’t know yet.

I feel odd today, like I am spinning, or more specifically winding. Like turning in around and around in upon myself. LIke all my loose ends are finding their places among my many layers and folds. Experiences, traits, likes, dislikes, joys, sadnesses, fears, they are all there coming closer and closer like I am becoming one. Can you picture that, piece by piece I am coming back together.

As one whole person… it’s frightening because I have spent so much of my life in so many fractured pieces.

I cant explain it. For sure, It’s a puzzling place to be in. My instinct is to fight, but then my brain kicks and I am reminded, whole is good – it’s time.

Ahhh I am too fricken tired to be philosophical. Today is that day. The one you shouldn’t leave your jammies for. The one that you forgive yourself for sleeping in, and drinking good tea and crying over chick flicks. I wish that was the colour of my day. It’s not. I am in my office killing time until I pick up my senior youth kids and we all go out for dinner.


I need a nap.


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