I have two truths to share. I always organize my thoughts better while doing something physical, running for instance or doing yoga like this morning & I always have new song that corresponds with where I particularly am in my life on any given day.

Here is the song, and my thoughts to follow.


Today I have figured out what I want my May challenge to be and in the process feel very energized by the world in front of me. Powerful. I love it, like harnessing lightning.

I read something this morning that made me blink. Literally I stopped, slowly blinked, and took it in.

“grace = riding the chaos with a smile on your face.”

Alli J

This very much is in line with what I wanted to write about today.

Before I begin, a wee tangent – I LOVE mornings. I love summer and I love waking naturally as the sun rises and the earth comes a live. It’s feeds my souls. It’s makes me truly happy.

Back to grace… Yesterday I saw life; passionate, invigorating, kindness filled, life. It was a gift of a day. You know the kind when you are so in the moment that as the opportunities come you are there, you recognize it, & have the opportunity to express gratitude, love it and it smile because it all matters.

I have been reading lately about the way of the universe, the energy that we (well some of us that are open too it) are affected by the changing tides, the moons, the stars, the planets. I believe with my entire being as I live and breathe – that I am particularly sensitive to energy of this world, good & bad. I have had more proofs than I’d ever needed thus far in my short life.. but this isn’t about that. This is about the way things just click sometimes. LIfe is chaos and how we choose to embrace it either makes or breaks us. I personally think that one of the greatest gifts that you can give another is attention, dignity and love and if you practicing living in such a way that each of your days are filled with a disposition of gratitude; it will become habitual and then rather than walking through this life with a scowl and a bite you… “ride the Chaos with a smile on your face.” and that’s grace.

Our minds are powerful. That in the simplest explanation is what my May challenge is going to be. Mind over Matter (the power of the mind to control and influence the body and the physical world generally OR intellectual powers overriding threats, difficulties, or problems) MIND OVER MATTER is a decision. You or me in this case are capable of IMPOSSIBLE.

If we are created in the image and likeness go God then doesn’t it reason that he wants for us all good things?

The hitch, you need to decide that you ARE capable. Its’s 100% up to you. I’ve experienced enough bullshit and drama to last 7 lifetimes and why am I the way I am? I am happy and content and grateful? Shouldn’t I be a bit victimized and shouldn’t I shout at the unfairness of the world? Fuck no.

That’s the point I will goodness into my life. I trust that there is a greater power at work and even the negative things that challenge me are meant to grow me and make me more fully alive. Alli had it right this morning, when writing about grace.

“grace = riding the chaos with a smile on your face”

I am racing tomorrow. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to challenge me. It’s going to be me going toe to toe with the impossible that lives in my own head – so as part of my May challenge the wall I am breaking down is making that impossibility become my reality. Every time I run, I am going to tell my body to run harder and it’s going to listen because Mind over Matter! When I am having a bad day and people are pissing me off as they inevitably will, I am going to stop and take a breath and I am going to pull some silver lining out of that shit and guess what, MIND OVER MATTER.

Life is good, even when it’s not. In fact it’s more often NOT but that comes right back to perspective, I am choosing to be this person, the kind, loving, passionate, motivated, insanity driven, fun person! AND I am bloody grateful to be here.

I watched my daughter behave remarkably yesterday.

 A little back story, unfortunately the remarkable behaviour came on the heels of a huge fight two days before – our first, I suppose you could say ‘teenagery fight’. It was horrible and confusing and frustrating as hell. Not the end of the world, LOL on the contrary I feel that this may have been the door to that secret world of mother daughter teen relationship. AKK. 🙂

BUT sitting back now, I love looking at the journey.

The night before last I met my friend – (we’ll call him Radioguy for the purpose of this blog) at the beach – it was late, the sun was setting and the air was fresh and clean. Perfect after a long Wednesday. You know what happened? We swapped teenager angst parent stories and laughed. Really, truly laughed for a good half an hour. It felt so rejuvenating.

Talk about positive perspective on the parent situation with Dd.

Along my drive home that night  I was just reflecting on how much I am starting to value his presence in my life. It’s truly excellent to have friend that can relate to the place I am with my kids. I feel very much my self with him. It’s been an interesting development.

Yesterday I had an event to attend in Victoria. I had both my own kids with me and was very appreciative of that fact. It was there in amongst several 1000 people Marching for a greater cause that I witnessed dd’s particularly remarkable behaviour. I am not going to go in to it – but I can definably appreciate what happened.

It was one of those perfect days – that make your heart feel incredibly full and peaceful and no matter the daily drama that plagues my life,  I was reminded that I raised those two kids and somewhere along the way – they got it. They understand the needs of the world and they can see. That sight is the grandest and most heart breaking gift I have even been blessed with and thankfully I think they are too. They won’t grow up to stand idly by accepting mediocrity and superficiality, not really… and if they do for a while, I know it won’t be forever – they won’t be satisfied with that life. They are going to want to live. I am so truly grateful. You can’t ever know.

I am going to get ready for the rest of my day, if you made it this far.. thank you for reading my blog.

Remember you too are capable in achieving IMPOSSIBLE. Mind over Matter! You must decide.

Love and hugs,

– Miss D.


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