.. when in doubt, follow Indiana..

Indiana Jones (Raiders) rules of adventuring: 1. Whatever plan you initially had probably won't work (replacing the Idol has consequences) 2. Traps are everywhere 3. You'll probably end up partnering with someone awkward 4. You'll definitely face your greatest fear (snakes, why did it have to be snakes) 5. Be prepared to be opposed and... Continue Reading →


..running on empty..

Here is a post that I contributed to Pious Posers, another blog I write for.. from the other day. I’ve been formulating this post for a while, probably months really. Over and over in my head, turning it around, looking at it, wondering again and again how exactly I can explain this – what ever... Continue Reading →

An Inspirational Snack

An Inspirational Snack. Here is a little something from one of my favourite blogs, you should check him out. For a person such as myself that is drawn like a moth to a flame towards passionate people, this guy is radiant. It's like witnessing personal evolution, he is this crazy life force. Super rad. Given... Continue Reading →

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