..be healthy..

I just got back from a run through the trees. It was green and vibrant and absolutely soul soothing. I stopped about a quarter of the way through and picked up this thick heavy branch that I stashed away a few weeks ago to do some good mornings, and some shoulder presses. Then I put the branch down on this gate bridge over a rushing stream and did two sets of planks. Think about that for a sec.. if you don’t really like nature I am sure this doesn’t sound very appealing at all… but for me – it was therapeutic.


I am able to plank with difficulty for about 40 seconds now. My back is still very, very weak but since adding a few days of circuit training, (boot camp style) I can see that my strength and endurance is growing.

Imagine if I recover fully? Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I’d live a day with out back pain since my injury two years ago. I don’t let it stop me most times in doing what I want but constant pain can make you miserable if you let it. I’ve had many, many a frustrating day.

Also something else I have done over the last month and I am just starting to see results is I modified my diet a little bit. It started with paying attention to what I was consuming, then taking control over portions, then snacks, then gluten, and now sugar. I tried raw for a bit but I don’t think with my IBS that the answer for me. I don’t think I fit in to a food category anyway, I don’t really try to; I am not any one thing.. (haha, what’s new)

However I guess I think the diet I most resemble is Paleo since that is and has been the very best for me and my body, buuuuut I don’t love meat at all haha so I never eat any in access.. (like some Paleo’s I know) there are a lot of amazing gluten free vegan choices that are becoming staples in my home & I think the bottom line for me. WHOLE FOOD.

Over sugared, over processed crap makes my hormones go nuts. I become a stressed out, overly emotional, monster that is all. over. the. map. Yuck, not only is that no fun – it can be down right scary.

Remove sugar (which I admit is ridiculously hard – especially in the afternoon), get 8.5 hours of sleep, take vitamins, exercise every other day or so, spend one day a week in nature (surfing or hiking) and treat my body as the temple that it is by nourishing it with pure food; this is my current focus, and thus far I am coping much better. I imagine I am still going to have bad days but coping with the life drama that follows me – with all of these things more balanced just seems much more manageable.

Balance ❤ Balance is good.

I’ll admit – its so much easier to make all of this happen too since it’s so light out and the sun is shining way more now. It’s just everything. Winter sucks for me, Spring is better.

I plan to continue to be strong and healthy, focusing diligently on the good things, people and opportunities in my life. Smiling & laughing more, looking for opportunities to laugh and be free to love and feel blessed by the regular moments.

Yesterday I was at a funeral. It was for a woman that had died tragically. She was only in her 60’s. I was so inspirited by her. She had all this amazing art work displayed & these paintings that were so rooted in simplicity and love of God and nature. Her work was beyond awesome. So earthy. So simple. From what I saw, she was well traveled and you could tell that she had loved her family deeply. I saw pictures of her favourite things & it made me feel almost affirmed that this path I am on – although quite different than many around me is… okay. I don’t know why, maybe I saw some of the things I want for myself in her story but it was amazing and such a gift to have had the encounter.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! Be still, be Blessed, just be.

xo Miss D.


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