..a week..

What a difference a week makes. Today is a Sunday. My kids are NOT here. It's my day. Last week, the one that just went by had some deeply difficult decisions made. BY ME. I stood up for myself. It was hard and heart wrenching and now I am trying my best to be. As... Continue Reading →


..be healthy..

I just got back from a run through the trees. It was green and vibrant and absolutely soul soothing. I stopped about a quarter of the way through and picked up this thick heavy branch that I stashed away a few weeks ago to do some good mornings, and some shoulder presses. Then I put... Continue Reading →

..let it be..

I'm not a super fan of JB buuuut this is a pretty good cover. I have been so miserable lately. I'm gonna leave that as it is. It simply is what it is. No guilt. Today is a good day, I've had several actually. I've climbed two mountains for views that take my breath away... Continue Reading →

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