..walkin in the woods one day..

It’s always around this time of year that I start singing that song in my head, it’s really inevitable, don’t ask me why.. I’m just weird like that.

Here is the real song, I in my head exchange woods with ‘Park’ but hey it’s my song I can sing it how I like ūüėČ

You all should check out the rest of this guys channel he is uber talented!

So yesterday I went for a little walk in the woods to clear by head and ended up near a extremely rushing river. It was roaring. LOUD.


I sat and watched it for a while I was noticing the intricacies, like how the gallons and gallons of water raced rushing over the rocks, around a huge tree stump, flowing this way and that with this amazing frenzied force. It was rather remarkable.

I closed my eyes and prayed.

I know some conservative catholics frown upon this – but guess what, if you can’t recognize God in the splendour of His creation..

… well let’s just say I feel fortunate to have that gift. I am not, nor do I ever worship ‘creation’ no, not at all – I was simply recognizing my place in the presence of the Creator in His creation. This is all His.

That’s it, It’s much easier to converse there in some remote place, in a place that is silent – no people sounds… only creation sounds.¬†Out in the woods all alone or really any quite place in nature it’s just like the whole world disappears and it’s just me and God. Soul soothing.¬†Nature Therapy I call it.¬†

¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I need to judge every singe event of my life by this measure… Destiny.

Each situation, every drama, tragedy and my reaction to them, every choice, every joy, every occasion, must be measured in this way.. will this moment bring me closer to Christ and to Heaven or further away from it.

Jesus is the Way

Never mind about the world, the only measure of your life that matters is mine. Turn away from sin and follow me. In each moment, discern only Me. Your destiny is the only thing that has worth, it is the time now to live. Live your life moment by moment. You don’t need a map, you need only a compass.

It was so loud.

As much as that was really specific and I listened, openly. It wasn’t until I was sitting in Mass yesterday listening to the readings that I was really struck, and quite frankly really affirmed.


Second reading Philippians 3:8-14 ©

I believe nothing can happen that will outweigh the supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. For him I have accepted the loss of everything, and I look on everything as so much rubbish if only I can have Christ and be given a place in him. I am no longer trying for perfection by my own efforts, the perfection that comes from the Law, but I want only the perfection that comes through faith in Christ, and is from God and based on faith. All I want is to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and to share his sufferings by reproducing the pattern of his death. That is the way I can hope to take my place in the resurrection of the dead. Not that I have become perfect yet: I have not yet won, but I am still running, trying to capture the prize for which Christ Jesus captured me. I can assure you my brothers, I am far from thinking that I have already won. All I can say is that I forget the past and I strain ahead for what is still to come; I am racing for the finish, for the prize to which God calls us upwards to receive in Christ Jesus.

I took this from the site Universalis. Is it just me, or do you see a connection too?


So this is what I am taking away from this experience.

I am ¬†going to work on being more attentive to Christ in the little things, the minute by minute things that go on in my life. Rather than carrying the weight of the world and all it’s ¬†expectation I am simply going to look to Christ in my decisions. I will let go of my need to carry the map – but simply hold on to my compass. I know my “North” and that is all that is needed of me, follow North and I will be free ‚̧

 Thanks for reading,

-Miss D.


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