..refiners fire..


I written too many times to count on this particular subject, and over the last year I could feel it clearly in my soul. Spiritual Battle. Saving souls. Something BIG is coming. Transition. Change. Courage. Refining. Fire.


I don’t even know how to write what it is that I am thinking. That’s new for me…

I think the thing that I have been moving towards has been at least partially revealed to me. & It IS big.

Oh Lord. Is this what you will for me? It’s scary and at the same time as natural as breathing. No one will understand, that I know for sure. Is that what all the stripping has been about this year? You oh Lord have been preparing me for this moment so I could be courageous enough not to care what anyone else thinks? That’s a weakness for sure, or it was.

I’m in uncharted territory and I am not even really all that scared. It’s strange but in the same way that it’s strange I am pretty sure it is of God. Or at least I am going to cling to Him through it and patiently see what it is that I am supposed to be doing. In the mean time – this is my advice.

Pray. Even in darkness, pray. During uncertainty, pray. In the midst of confusion, pray. Do not loose hope. Without ceasing, Pray.

-Joe Zambon

If this is where I am supposed to be, then I will be. I will do it with my whole heart. I have been praying and begging for direction and God knows my heart – all of it. I know there is nothing He and I can’t handle together. When I had that vision of the cross a few months ago – I wondered about it afterwards but strangely not incessantly. I sort of accepted it with out question. It was a grace. Similarly to some of the other powerful experiences I have met  in the last few years. Healing prayer, protective prayers, intercessory prayers. If I can help, I ABSOLUTELY will.


Lord, I give you my feet so that I might follow your path, I give you my hards so that I might do your work, I give you my mind so that I might be filled with knowledge and wisdom for justice, I give you my eyes so that I might see you among the people I meet, I give you my ears so that I might hear your cry, I give you my heart so that I might love like you do, I give you my mouth so that I might glorify and praise your name sharing your life with others, I give you my whole self Lord so that I may decrease so much so that when others see me they most assuredly see you. 

Lord let me decrease so much that it is no longer I who lives but you who lives in me.  Lastly Lord, Father of us all, I offer up to you my family,  knit us together with the love of your Mother, protect us with the sword of St Michael,  caress us with your gentle guidance so that we may serve others in this  world with confidence.  Send down your angels to walk with us daily. 

– Amen

He who was seated on the throne said, “I am making everything new!” Then he said, “Write this down, for these words are trustworthy and true.”

– Revelation 21:5 

I have no idea. However I don’t really feel like I have to know either. Talk as always makes be feel uncomfortable. Time is the comforter. Time will tell. In the meantime – I am going to seek beauty, truth and love. I will work diligently though my days. I will continue taking care of my self and I will pray like Joe (& many others) say, with out ceasing.

Blessings to you – dear readers.

– Miss D.


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