..padre Pio..

Some thoughts from Padre Pio.

The more you are afflicted, the more you ought to rejoice, because in the fire of tribulation the soul will become pure gold, worthy to be placed and to shine in the heavenly palace.

The Christian’s motto is the cross. You will recognize God’s love by this sign, by the sufferings He sends you.

Endure tribulations, illness, and pain, for the love of God and for the conversion of poor sinners.

Don’t worry about tomorrow because the very same Heavenly Father who takes care of you today will have the same thought tomorrow and always. . . What does a child in the arms of such a Father have to fear? Be as children, who hardly ever think about their future as they have someone to think for them. They are sufficiently strong just by being with their father.

In darkness, at times of tribulation and distress of the In darkness, at times of tribulation and distress of the spirit, Jesus is with you. In such a state you see nothing but darkness, but I can assure you on God’s behalf that the light of the Lord is all around you and pervades your spirit. . .You see yourself forsaken and I assure you that Jesus is holding you tighter than ever to His divine Heart.

That last one… Insert weeping.

I wonder if someone is praying for me right now?

I am able to breathe a bit better now, yet nothing has changed. I reached out to a girlfriend we’re going to go for a little hike today. That will help, I hope.

Pray for my kids. Help me pray for them. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.


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