..humble thy self..

I have this song in my head again.. it worries me now like it’s some sort of signal that things are about to change again.

Things ARE about to change I guess, it is Ash Wednesday after all. I hope and pray I am strong enough to really give my all in my lenten observances. I am going to try.

I have been thinking about writing for several days, so much has been going on around me but gosh I’ve just been too exhusted to really get into it. My brain in tired. My body is tired and today with the first fast I have down in ages – I am hanging on be a thread.

I just went to the new sushi place up the street to pick up a roll for dinner. I think that was maybe not such a good idea. It’s yam – but kind of deep-fried. Since I haven’t eaten much else today I m feeling a bit queazy – probably some miso would have been a better option. Ugh. Im eating some ginger and having a glass of water – hopefully that will help.

Today has been interesting. Kinda.

I came to work this morning at my usual time for 8, all day in the office and it was quite busy, then I taught RE – which let me just say is getting harder and harder every week. I have the craziest (busiest) class! Now it’s dinner time and then Mass with my senior kids. After Mass we are doing a little art project. I though if they were working with their hands it would be a great opportunity to think and talk about the hopes they have for Lent. We’ll only have 45 mins or so I think. We need to go over Friday as well. Last week they did so great – I was truly proud of them.


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