It’s late.

I’m in that weird state of exhaustion and awake. How this can be, I have no idea as I had a crazy two days of work and I even drove home tonight (late, in a crazy storm) and I never come home on Wednesdays. I just don’t usually, I work in the office during the day till 3 then at 3:30 set up for catechism (I teach grade three RE) class finished around 5:25 then usually I have dinner with a couple of my senior youth and then run a high school group till 9 or 9:30. That’s kind of a long day right?

While driving tonight I kept my speed around 80km to try and avoid the opportunity to hydroplane. I was successful obviously since I am now cuddled up in my bed merely listening to the rain pouring down.

I love this sound.

I feel particularly blessed to have started my day watching the brutality of the wind thrashing about causing the waves to become gnarly and utterly beautiful. I love living so near to the ocean. It’s life giving for me. Soul soothing, nature therapy at it’s finest standing along the shore simple being.

It’s easy to measure your life while you are witnessing the wrath of God in his creation.

Now after a very long and eventful day I once again am face to face with the beauty and awe of God’s sublime creation: it’s raining so hard it sounds like thunder. I absolutely, positively LOVE the rain.

Well now I think I am tired.

I will leave you with this little discovery…

I really love this guy. Great sound.

– Miss D ❤


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