..praise Him..

Just stop what ever you are doing and praise Him with me. I met a man who walked on waterWho wore His crown like a blue collarI met a man who treated childrenLike they were ambassadors to the KingdomIf I saw the world in Your eyesWould it help me understand?How You see through all our... Continue Reading →



They say, all great changes are preceded by chaos... Well one thing is for sure I am changing. The last 18 months of my life have been absolutely CHAOTIC. It's like now, everything I have held on to for the last few years and taken as integral is just no longer that important. It feels... Continue Reading →

..morning light..

¬†Perspective. Haven't written in a few days, obviously. I thought about it but gosh I've been tired. (again) I think - the key to solving this is proactivity. At least the physical side of the way I have been feeling. Small steps. Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually. I am working on all three but hey, one thing... Continue Reading →

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