..the masque..

LOL, I just love it when you are in the throws of melt down and the universe throws you a bone.

Listen to this song. I heard it here this morning.

Are you smiling?

I’m going to be operating in full-out survival mode. I know part of this gloomy pessimistic mood is the weather, the isolation, and the financial instability. (all of which will resolve eventually!!)

I’ll get through; but as of today I am putting on the mask. I am not going to pretend to be something I am not – no. However I fully intend to fake it till I make it.

If you ask me.. How are you??


That’s what I’ll tell you every single day until I mean it!!

Other important things to do daily:

Get outside. I KNOW myself and this is a fool proof way to feel better. Snowshoeing, surfing, or snowboarding. Those are my winter options. I am going to keep getting out there.

Skip the Sugar & Carbs. People wonder why I am Paleo when I should really be a vegetarian (because I really don’t much like meat) but my body really doesn’t like gluten or simple sugar. It messes with my head. I have been lazy lately and giving in to cravings. I can’t really control much in my world – this however I can at least do something about.

Fast. I think this might help. Wednesdays were always my traditional day to fast maybe that’s something I need to revisit.

Drink more water & limit caffeine. 3pm blah hour – I will slam some ice water spiked with lemon instead.

Get a hair cut. It’s back down to my waist. Too long again… my bun is beyond messy. LOL Plus that always makes me feel better. Obviously this is not a daily thing – but I am going to do it soon.

Walk. Make opportunities to go for walks – lunch hours? Right after I get home from work? Before I leave on my later days. Bundle up & go. How did I ever run though the winters before because I am SUCH a wimp now.

Get into bed earlier. 

Get up earlier. 

Shower at night rather than in the morning. Not really sure why – but it does help me sleep more soundly.

Call someone once a day. Ask questions. Listen.

Keep Painting. It’s so strange how much enjoyment it brings me to paint. I feel almost the same way I did pre injury when I used to run. It’s very soul soothing.

It’s the second to last day of January. 49 days till spring. Hallelujah!

I’ll be alright. I might not be jumping up and down on the deck screaming “bring it on” anymore but I am still on the ship & I won’t let go.

Well better get ready for work, lots to do today. It’s first reconciliation for my RE class then I have the high school students in the evening. We have our huge diocesan retreat happening this weekend on Quadra Island – if nothing else that will perk me up. It always does.

I decided to stop looking for work temporarily – the main secretary is taking a two month leave of absence so I am filling in there three days a week. Between that and my YM hours I should be full time.

By the time she gets back it will be spring and well we all know how I feel about spring…



Okay Happy Day Readers!


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