..the masque..

LOL, I just love it when you are in the throws of melt down and the universe throws you a bone. Listen to this song. I heard it here this morning. Are you smiling? I'm going to be operating in full-out survival mode. I know part of this gloomy pessimistic mood is the weather, the... Continue Reading →



I feel so needy lately. Bored. Lonely. Blah. Over all I am busy but I find I am spending so much of my alone time doing one of three things. Distraction things. Writing is just such a chore now. I tweet a LOT. I read cheesy novels which do not in anyway increase my mental... Continue Reading →

..anywhere but here..

I wish I was there, up there in that picture sitting on the sea shore - well I wish I was really anywhere but here... I am not tired, yet I'm exhausted. I really don't like that feeling. It's exhausting in itself. I thought I would try writing for a while and see if that... Continue Reading →

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