..the good old days..

Today was one of those days, the completely normal days that I fit right into. Weirdly, I am a little bit physically tired. That never happens anymore, not unless I am actually exercising or something. I lived a day that I have previous lived hmmm… 4380 times before. (I just figured it out – because I am nerdy like that)

Got up, went to Mass.

Actually Mass was very, very good today. I have been under so much stress lately, that today I really opened my heart and God was good to me. I felt that familiar flow of grace pouring over me like a warm summer rain. I calmed.

Father was intentional as usual in his Homily but there were a few key points that truly moved me. He was talking about the fact that God’s hand is so much bigger than ours and that we really ought to bring our sorrows and suffering to Him to care for. He is a Victorious Warrior. He has already defeated the wagers of death and sin – and through Him all corruption can be made truly pure once again. Fr. was referring to the recent HORROR. I use that word strongly because it was a true horror what happened – a massacre of innocent kindergarten, grade one students and faculty at an eastern USA elementary school in Newtown Connecticut.

God’s hand is much, much bigger than ours. It’s in times like these that we need to remember that – and allow God to give us hope. Evil wants us to give in to the temptation to rage and retaliate and be plagued with revenge… if we think like that – that makes the whole situation even worse. It’s is and always has been about LOVE. Love and Hope and trust that in this horrific unimaginable tragedy, there may be some good that will emerge. It’s impossible to see, I couldn’t even imagine what possible good could come from such a tragedy but I do hope for it. Our God is a Victorious Warrior, He will not give up on us, He will never leave us, He will reflect goodness and light into the deepest recesses of our hearts if we let him. I challenge you, lift your hand and reach for him. Do it now.

The Gospel today, is one of if not my absolute favourite of them all:

Gospel Lk 3:10-18

The crowds asked John the Baptist,
“What should we do?”
He said to them in reply,
“Whoever has two cloaks
should share with the person who has none.
And whoever has food should do likewise.”
Even tax collectors came to be baptized and they said to him,
“Teacher, what should we do?”
He answered them,
“Stop collecting more than what is prescribed.”
Soldiers also asked him,
“And what is it that we should do?”
He told them, “Do not practice extortion,
do not falsely accuse anyone,
and be satisfied with your wages.”Now the people were filled with expectation,
and all were asking in their hearts
whether John might be the Christ.
John answered them all, saying,
“I am baptizing you with water,
but one mightier than I is coming.
I am not worthy to loosen the thongs of his sandals.
He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.
His winnowing fan is in his hand to clear his threshing floor
and to gather the wheat into his barn,
but the chaff he will burn with unquenchable fire.”
Exhorting them in many other ways,
he preached good news to the people.

I love St. John the Baptist. He is exactly the type of person I really and truly wish to be.

Following Mass – a Vincentian came to talk for a moment about the society. He said something that really pierced  my heart. He was speaking about the parable of the rich man and after a few minutes he said to us, “it wasn’t the rich mans cruelty towards Lazarus that sent him to hell. It wasn’t as though the rich man was a bully or cruel in any physical way – what did he actually do then?

He IGNORED Lazarus.

Holy Cow – how often do we unintentionally ignore those that need us the most? Too much. It breaks my heart and at the same time makes me want to stand up and fight. The Lord is convicting my heart with a love of the poor. I am thankful for the gift and will work to help in any way I can. These little moments always renew my zeal.

There was so much going on – I still have to digest some of it.

After Mass I came home and did the very most ordinary of things. Cleaned my house, made food for my kids, had dinner. It was awesome and so nice having them here under my feat.

Dd and I went to a play tonight that was lots of fun & then Ds and I watched the tail end of a great football game.

All and all it was a really, really great day. I would even go so far as to say, it was the best day ever!! (in my best sponge bob voice)

Time for sleep, G’night and God Bless!!


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