… a new day…

http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2012/12/31/2013-the-first-year-of-the-rest-of-my-life/ No one can go back, but everyone can go forward. And tomorrow, when the sun rises, all you have to say to yourselves is: I am going to think of this day as the first day of my life. I will look on the members of my family with surprise and amazement, glad to... Continue Reading →


…the silver-lining…

Here we are again, at resolution time. Everyone makes them, some people file them quietly away in their own hearts, do better, try harder... while others are loud and flagrant about it - I. WILL. ACCOMPLISH. X. Hear me ROAR!! What do these resolution enthusiasts have in common do you think? Here's a hint, 1 month.... Continue Reading →

..holiday blur..

Well It's Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve.  -I think. I don't even really know what day it is. All I know is that today like that of the last 6 have passed by in a blur. Who am I kidding, not 6 days, 6 months. Let see where was I exactly 6 months ago? June 22?... Continue Reading →

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