..carefree timelessness..

This is something I am pondering. A little gem of knowledge that seems to make or break you. Without it – things are stressed and grey and very un-inspiring but with it…

There is this author, Matthew Kelly. I have read several of his books – all good, great even, but what is on my heart today comes from a talk he was giving on the topic of Family Foundations. Building great families.

“Most of us know that the happiest people on the planet are those who are focused on their personal relationships.  Relationships thrive under one condition: carefree timelessness.  Do we gift our relationships with carefree timelessness?…We have to make carefree timelessness a priority.  The nature of carefree timelessness is to be timeless.  You lose track of time. Carefree timelessness is carefree.  It has nothing to achieve other than the enjoyment of each other’s company.  Teenagers are experts at this.  How often do parents ask their teenagers when they are going out with friends, “Where are you going?” The children reply, “I don’t know!”  Of course, we may consider this an unacceptable answer, but it may well be the truth.  Carefree timelessness.  It is the reason young people fall in love so easily.  The lack of carefree timelessness is the reason the rest of us fall out of love so easily.  Carefree timelessness cause us to fall in love with life and others.”

Take a minute and let that sink in a bit.

I am so fortunate to have had a recent experience where my daughter and I had nearly six weeks of uninterrupted carefree timelessness. I have never in my life experienced the freedom and light heartedness that was the mainstay of that time.

We were driving, for the most part with out destination – adventuring across our country exploring and learning and marvelling.

I think there is really something in that. Like Matthew Kelly says – the happiest people on the planet are those who are focused on their personal relationships.  Relationships thrive under one condition: carefree timelessness. Her and I & the open road. 

Tonight when I go home – I am going to really put some effort into this. I want to make this important – so there isn’t six weeks and a road trip. I know I can’t spend all the time I want with my little people anymore – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other important people in my world. Others that deserve to know me and more importantly for me to know them, as well.

Tonight I am going to be spending time with my Mom, we are going to be doing ordinary things, normal things but tonight I am going to be there – really truly there. I am going to ask her how her day has been. I am going to listen when she answers, I am going to put down my phone, shut off my alerts and we are going to spend some time together.

I really have no answers for the tragedy my life is enduring right now, I have no idea in the long term what the outcome is going to look like but until such a day when I look back and realize things are changed – which is an abstract thought for me right now – because more often than not I am overwhelmed, until then I am going to baby step it – and within my new world I commit to creating some blocks of carefree timelessness.  Such a far, far cry from the mere 4 weeks ago when I was having the time of my life. It was easy then and it happened naturally now – I will make an effort. It truly seems worthy.

Today I am going to begin the possibly long difficult process of carving out a new life for myself.

A new life filled with bright spots and gratitude.


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  1. Great post. This is so hard for us to do. I think today it may be bordering on impossible. With our phones, television and the internet there is no way to have the time to do “nothing” and see what comes of it. As soon as our minds are idle, we are filling the awkward void with surface information and conversation from texting to facebook. Those days where we would be so bored out of our minds that we actually ended up being creative and random may just be “the good ole days.” If it’s not somehow instantly pleasing, we will get ourselves out of the situation having a million more options than we once had to do so.

    1. I think Facebook or facebookish experiences have a lot to do with it. It’s so isolating, and for many, many it’s hard on the self worth. Constant comparison based only on your perception. Never the whole story or reality. And like you said it’s becoming the norm. We are actually intentionally isolating our selves. This is not relationship. It’s sad really. It’s so crazy too that we have such a hard time stopping. Death by social media 😉

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