Change. I have been thinking a lot about that today.

What has been going on in the last forty days has most certainly impacted me in such a way that I am going to change. This lent, I experienced the desert, this holy week the saving merciful grace and this tritium, clarity.

So today as the world rejoices that our saviour has conquered the realm of sin and death and has forever unlocked the bliss of the kingdom of heaven – our destiny, we are here to proudly proclaim, to shout with JOY our exuberant thanksgiving.

I am so thankful that through these forty days of suffering and trial, that I had the cross. I had it because He had it before me. It was like he said “Daughter, you are meant to be here, I love you so much I want you to know me better. Love my cross and be thankful for it. I will never go from you. I will never abandon you when you turn to me. Rise up my daughter, for in you I put strength. You are meant to be with me, and if you choose Me I will be at your side always.” I am so thankful.

I said the other day, that I feel different. Older. More wise. LIke this last upheaval changed me a little, hardened me a little Yet. Here I am stronger than ever. It was through the suffering and sacrifice that I have come to know a great love. His love. My ONLY love.

I am so peaceful. Today, I am so, so peaceful. I am thankful for the many blessings He has shown me. Especially this weekend. Thank you Lord for the people you have brought into my day, my children sleeping soundly in the rooms down the hall, for the cushion in my bank account just this once, for the employment opportunities for all of us, for the time I am spending so lovingly with my son and daughter, for the opportunity to stay with my family, for the exciement of the celebrations, but the thing I am very most thankful for is You Lord. I want so much to be like your mother so humble and kind and strong and faithful, I am so thankful that you entered my heart all those years ago and I hope and pray that you neve leave me.

Happy Easter. ❤



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