..his drama..

So here is a recent conversation via email that I've just had the pleasure of having with Dh. Me: Hi Dh, one more thing. How did Ds do on his report card? Could you take a picture of it and send it to me? Also, I talked to my friend D and she wanted to... Continue Reading →


..just, me..

It's funny how sometimes for me it takes these big huge drama's to enable the movement of my heart. The last few months. Well actually I'd say honestly it's been this whole two years and it has just intensified in the last 6 months. I was just a little bit lost. My priorities where askew... Continue Reading →

..Simon, Do you love me?..

I woke up this morning as per usual struck with worry. It seems that is my most dominant trait. Worried. This strange hour wake up time is becoming very, very frequent. It's happening almost daily now. (or nightly I should say) Today was something new, this 4:30 am wake up gripped my heart in a... Continue Reading →

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