..the adventures of Canuck..

So last weekend I was home alone. My children where visiting thier father and I had three days off of work. I devided my time, I went snowboarding the very first day. It was a good day of boarding, I got in so many runs. I felt great and enjoyed it emensly. I love snowboarding alone with music. I mean it’s fun to go up with someone, it’s social to chat on the chair and race and follow each other but there is something to be said also for having a great playlist, and a fearless additude.

I am a pretty spoiled boarder in that I have a midweek pass and 95% of the time I was on the mountain virtually alone, all runs, every turn being made with WIDE OPEN space. That’s sooo nice, no lines ups, no waiting, no dodging skiiers. I had my challenges though, lots and lots of really zero vis days, so many infact that I got accustomed to boarding nearly blindly. I knew where the edges were and followed a path of my own making and it worked.. it’s different, and kind of exilerating… I had that fear feeling often in my stomach, so I had alot of adrenaline to work with which at the end of the day created within me a very relaxed and content being. It was no different on friday, my last day up- zero viz, perfect snow, great playlist and the whole mountian to my self!

My snowboard is now cleaned and put away for the season, that was my first big thing. I learned a new sport this winter and proudly I am confident enough to go anywhere on the mountain, and now even at virtually any speed, I stopped wiping out over a month ago and have just enjoyed the thrill. It’s been super fun and a great way to pass the horid winter! I’ll miss it for SURE.

That’s what I did on the first day, the second I decided in a split second decision to go mountian biking… this day was one marred by flexibilty, thank goodness I am flexible cause my planned changed several times over the day. Hehehe.

It was beautiful, I knew I wasn’t going back up to the mountain, my house was spotless, I knew I wanted to be outside. I contempated for a moment taking off to Tofino.. but damn it I hate being broke. I also didn’t want to drive three and a half hours. So then I decided on Hornby. Such a very, very cool place.

To be Continued…

So the other day I was traveling to an undisclosed location in search of some new trails to bike… I hopped one ferry then the second ferry all the while thinking about all the places I have visited upon this beautiful Island we call home. My children were visiting their father for the weekend and I was thinking about that too… I love hiking, I love hiking alone actually. It’s the most freeing, relaxing, liberating, rejuvenating thing that I do for myself. I usually have some ‘safer’ hiking spots to go alone that I use as my go to when I have unexpected time off, but being that we are still in winter err I mean spring I needed a new place that was at sea level.

While sitting on the ferry I spent time thinking about how I could connect with my daughter or both my kids really while I was off on these solo treks… it’s hard to explain fully what I see and where I go… and obviously I miss them terribly all the time even when it’s only been a day… so I decided to find a traveling companion… A really photogenic traveling companion… Now a days with GPS, satellite positioning, and mobile networks… there are so many places that I am shocked to be receiving cell service… but if I can receive a txt I decided I can certainly send a picture to a certain little girls email address :) Here my plan is hatched.

Viola, as we are remotely connected – via emails, tada; they can experience my adventures right along with me, no matter where I am.

Great Idea, but as I was two islands away from home, so where to find a traveling companion… AND not just ANY traveling companion… I certainly did NOT want a complainer… but one that is soft, light, quiet and cute?? No small task.

It’s funny though, the best laid plans sometimes are the ones that have no planning at all. I stopped at a little market in search of this Infamous Trail Map that according to legend… has all the spider web like single track you can handle completely mapped out! Cool right!! New territory… ahh in my excitement I digress.

So back to the Moose, I am in there on the island; two away from home and come upon this Market filled very random stuff and in the corner of this very random market an even more random corner of Easter paraphernalia. It’s had Easter Eggs, and little hopping chicks that wind up and pop up and down, fuzzy plush bunnies, egg decorating kits, glass staining kids, stickers, bunny ears, bunny hats… and right in the very middle of all this pastel Easter cartel was a fuzzy BROWN Moose!

Now if that moose was not meant to be…. So I scooped her up and away we went. I was keen on the idea, it was funny to me… being in the middle of bloody no where and setting up these ridiculous shots. It made me giggly because I KNEW my daughter was going to LOVE it.

I carried on, spent my day in the sun, explored actually stayed off my bike and went on foot, had my rejuvenating day and enjoyed every second.

When I went to pick up my kids the next day I had “Maggie” whom I thought was a little girl moose and having named her on the fly and that it rhymed I thought was fairly clever… Maggie the Moose- sounds good right!? I had her in the front seat of my jeep all buckled in… When you’re gonna do something, do it right! I always say, so I figured the best way to introduce the idea in real life was to keep up the rouse.

Kids- meet Maggie. Maggie- meet the kids. As I surmised they laughed and thought it was a great and fun way to see me while they were away, they passed Maggie back and forth checking out her fuzziness and the spot of sticky that was her first travel mark… (a bit of tree sap) and solemnly declared, “Mom, this is NOT a girl. This moose has a beard!! We think we should name HIM Canuck.” Lots of giggle and questions later, we arrived home happy and celebrating the weekend.

And there you have it, the HER is now a HIM and how he came to fit into our family, and might I add that “he” fits perfectly- right into the side pouch on my bag….

I think this is the beginning of some good times, Canuck the Great Canadian Moose and Me ❤


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