..drama, drama, harry potter and surfing..

It’s Thursday evening and a crude honk has just informed me that my ex MIL was out side my house. MIL was here to scoop up my kids for a weekend with ‘daddy’. Forget coming to the door like any other civilized person… oh no, not MIL… but who am I kidding when has that woman ever been civilized. Thier family is the rudest bunch of people I have EVER MET.

Sad to see the kids go tonight, especially since they are only going, due to a very unlikely chain of events that involve a very blustery ball game and my evil SIL.

Remember in my last post, my BIL asked me to play ball for his team? Well I did.

It was pretty fun too! That night I caught a ride with a friend of my BIL’s that lives here since he plays on that team as well and the gas is like 132. right now… so we carpooled. BIL’s friend gave me a ride to the field in CR and to kill two birs with one stone, he gave me the cliff notes version of how slow-pitch is different that fast pitch… err NO PROBLEM… hehehe.

I did alright. No worse than any of the regular girls… thank you Jebus! I hit every time I got up to bat, slid beautifully into second and stopped a screamin line drive to center field. I am a bit sore today, two days later… LOL I was using LOTS of different muscles. Over all though, it was fun and I think I’ll spare for my SIL’s team on Fridays (a different team) since I liked it.

So here is the drama… the drama that was so much fun I had to include it into my title today…

I stopped writing for a sec, or I guess more like an hour. I had a huge craving for a Caesar so I actually just left and went and got some, well that and some Honey Brown for tomorrows Nuckers game :) Priorities.

After I got home from the store I went downstairs cranked up my song of the day..

and cleaned out my fridge… I am weird like that; I just can’t truly relax if my house isn’t spotless. I know I am a freak, but better a tidy freak than a slobby one :)

Now I am enjoying said Caesar and writing the rest of this post.

So back to the drama. K there I am playing ball, my Mom and sister were at my house babysitting as they always do on Tuesday nights, (since I usually work) my kids were content, LOL they LOVE IT when Grams comes over. Plus with my sister’s husband away mid week, she and her daughter whom is only 5 months old come too… my kids LOVE that. They are such good kids. So everyone is HAPPY.

Back to the ball field. I noticed my bitchy SIL pull up and was like ‘Oh, no… Here comes trouble’ after fourteen years… you just know. Sure enough, she came started chatting with the other team… her boyfriend was umping our game so it wasn’t a huge surprise that she showed up -and at first all was hunky dorie or it was at least until our team got the other team out and we all came in from the field.. I was playing center sooo I was waaaaaaaaaaaay in the distance. She didn’t know it was me until we started to come in. The SECOND, and I mean the freaking very SECOND she saw me she whipped out her phone and called my Ex.

Can you even believe it????? Well so begins the chain reaction.

My Ex called the kids for the first time in about four or five days. Coincidence??? I think NOT. He asked them all the regular questions, Where is your Mom? Who is she with? Did they know I was playing ball? Why was I playing ball on a school night? Blah, blah, blah…

Well game ended with our ridiculous defeat… LOL we got mercy’d. YUP, I SAID MERCY’D. It was bad!

Wow that’s when phase two of the drama ensued…

I left with BIL’s friend the one that gave me a ride. She came over and stopped me, looking us up and down… LOL inside I was killing myself laughing… I don’t hardly even know this guy but I bet according to them, we are living together… ahahahahah idiots!

She came over- even though, even though she didn’t have the decency to say hello on the field, she rudely ignored me the other night at Dd’s concert, that night she again rudely ignored my hello as well as my sisters acting like a spoiled, pathetic, bratty five year old!

As we were just about to leave, she actuallyhad the audacity to came over as I was getting into the car to ask the stupidest question… if my DD could come over for a sleep over. I was like WTF? Seriously?? Why are you talking to me NOW???? So I politely though with narrowed eyes, answered her and then we left. Not five minutes after that, I got a text from my sister to say that SIL had just called the house to inform my kids that I was at the ball field and did they know that????? HOLY FUCK. Now I am not really a foul mouthed kinda lady, but it took all my strength not to find that bitch and slap her. How dare she.

Karma. I really didn’t have to do anything though; since my kids handled it with finesse… they told her “ummm yeah we know.” Like they cared!

First, it’s not up to my kids to know what I am up to at all moments of the day, I am the parent and there these things called BOUNDARIES. Secondly, who the eff cares if I am playing ball, where does she get off calling them to say THAT? RIDICULOUS!

Okay, it took me a sec but I recovered and went with the team as I had planned to the pub. It’s social to play ball, I haven’t done much in the way of kidless and social since the last time they were at their dad’s which was spring break. A MONTH A GO. While we were at the pub, BIL got a txt from bitchy SIL that simply read… “Will SHE always be there!!”

We all got a a laugh and that was the last of it.

That was my fun drama of the night on Tuesday. I hate that whole entire family, they are so sad. I actually feel sorry for them all. Get over it people, it’s been two years since we split and get a LIFE.

I got home that night had a quick visit with my mom and sister put my son to bed, kissed my daughter though she was asleep and read a few more chapter of Harry Potter.

I’d say, alls well that ends well… buuuuuut it wasn’t quite as easy as all that.

The next day there was some backlash I had to attend too. My poor Dd was feeling very frustrated. She get’s quite moody as does anyone with a heavy stress load. She had been planning a moving night with her little friends for tonight incidentally, but since the whole ball night, now “Dad” wants them – so she had to cancel.

Do you know what she said? “Its okay, Dad says I shouldn’t make friends here anyway, since it’ll just be hard to leave them when I move back to his house.”

This is the business that gets me raging mad, like from 0 to 100 in a second. THIS WHOLE YEAR, they haven’t settled well because of him undermining me, telling them everything from, poor you guys that you have to stay at home after school, it’s not right your mother is neglecting you, if you were here I would never do that to you, that school is no good, your old school was a better choice, it was so selfish of your mother to make you leave all your friends and the school that was better for you… OMG is goes on and on and on and on and on again.

So fast things change though, I quit my great paying job that left them home from Monday to Thursday after school alone for two hours for a job that doesn’t quite pay enough so that they are never home alone… I admit they are doing much better and now I am teaching them to be responsible for thier actions and teaching them to help themselves they are 11 and 13 for crying out loud. I came on a couple of field trips with Dd’s class and she made a great friend. I met the friends Mom and they have been playing a lot… all this has happend since their dad has gone MIA. They are doing soooo much better in one MONTH.

“BUT’ What huge differences, then we have a night like Tuesday DH starts again and she is back to that low place again.

It’s so sad and frustrating. SO what did I do, what could I do but handle it myself on Wednesday.

I sat Dd down and had a very hard and very honest talk with her. I explained about the threats and told her I am not comfortable moving there with that situation unresolved, then I told her she is not allowed to move in with her dad and if there ever came a situation where that happened I’d fight tooth and nail for her to come home. SO I bluntly said NO. Then I let her think about what I told her and very firmly carried out the day. It was hard and I never ever withhold love, I give it freely and my son is- well both of them are the most affectionate kids I have ever known. I told her I would never prevent her from seeing her father, but she may NOT live there.

I actually told her some other stuff too, a bit more details as to why she may not, but nothing too much and all necessary so that she might have some reasoning behind behaviors she sees. It’s so hard for them to be in the middle I identified that, and am sorry for it, but it is what it is, so we MUST make the best of it. It turned out to be a very good day, an honest day and today I was sad for them to leave.

I ran again this morning, we beat out time by 30 seconds while increasing our distance by 3/4 of a KM. I love having a running partner again. It’s sooooooooo nice!!!! Later in the day, I rented all the Harry Potter Movies and am planning a marathon. I do have to work tomorrow but I am going to head up the mountain rather than surfing. That’s what I decided for my weekend activity. I am totally broke so I think I’ll put surfing aside for now and shred a bit. It’ll feel good to physically vent out my week on the slopes. LOL Maybe I’ll hit the jumps too. See if I can nail my 180 one more time… it’s gonna be a powder day I think. Yippppeeeee!

Big plans hey, Harry Potter and snowboarding… ❤ I am happy. This is gonna be a recharge weekend… so cheers readers, time to get on with it :)


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