..alls well that ends well..

This post is really why I am writing again, or part of the reason why, about two weeks ago; literally my life fell apart…

I found out that my job is ending at the end of June, I found out I will be having to move, I found out my Ex got a slap on the wrist after breaking several of my ribs and putting me in the hospital, I had been dealing with about 6 weeks of pressure from the same Ex that finally came to a head when I talked to my lawyer, My whole life just kinda started to crumble.. I was drowning… long winters… they are VERY hard for me in the best of circumstance…

Today wasn’t such a good day. I was worrying and sick for most of it. It was a school day so I did have the day to my self but for whatever reason I have been feeling really bad. All day I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. I wasn’t able to do it though… i kept getting phone calls, first my favorite aunt called, then my best friend then my other best friend. Why am I in angst?


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