Last night my kids had a very rough night, both kids react differently, when dh hurts them. All week both were looking forward to going to see him and then yesterday he said No. He said no, since his mother was not there. He has to work, which he is blaming on me, because I left him with so much debt.

So to spite me, he ends up smiting the kids.
When ever dh messes with them k acts very explosive, the littlest thing sets her off and then she reacts violently towards her brother, if he teases her, she hits him.. Then he bursts out crying, mainly out of pure frustration since he miSses his dad, and then she also starts crying because, well more like balling because she misses her dad. It’s not fair to them. I am left picking up pieces, showing as much love as I can muster towards them, and being the bigger person doing my job as lovingly as possible.

It’s hard being a single mom, much harder then I thought.