Today, yesterday, the day before and probably even tomorrow have been for me a succession of sameness kind of days. I am like Alice- lost in wonderland. The constant panic of where am I going and I am going to be late always with me. I have no idea who I am but I am... Continue Reading →


..last day of summer..

My kids are home, thank you Lord. So far so good too, their attitudes haven't been so over the top as they can sometimes be when they come home. Tomorrow is labor day, the official last day of summer. I think it will be raining, but truthfully I don't care anymore. I am just fine... Continue Reading →

..am I free?..

I don't know what happened, but it's left me the darkness that was consuming me piece by broken piece in the last few days. I resigned. Yesterday I resigned and then consolation came at me in the strangest most powerful way. It's like my answer came. My entire body is at peace, my mind, my... Continue Reading →

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