..i <3 Saturday..

I do, I love them. I love running on Saturday morning, I love having a coffee afterwards. In my old town I used to do this with others actual people, now I am going at it solo but truth be told I don’t really even mind much. Rather than have a long conversation to keep our lungs working hard, I sing.. Oh yeah I am running through the trails singing like a rock-star.. hahahah. I am sure to those that can’t see me but inherently hear me run by it must be a laugh.. but who cares.. I love it.

Today’s run, was tough. I realized it had been about 9 days since my last, even though I have been active, I have walked/biked or swam everyday. It’s not near the same intensity nor as good cardiovascularly. I felt it today, my quads burned and so did my lungs.

Oh well, it’s a bit of an effort, but I have been so sick that I just didn’t have it in me to go. So I will begin again. Rebuild my stamina, it won’t take long I know it. Besides and I know i have mentioned this before.. I do not run to be egotistical about my body, that’s not my priority. I run for the mental benefits more than anything else. BUT having said that, I noticed a slight change in my figure lately, I don’t like it. I have a tiny little bulge in my tummy. And over all some of my tightness has faded. Maybe this is a good thing, a tiny bit of curve is natural to a woman right? I think it’s because my appetite is coming back slowly, I am getting healthy again. So I won’t freak, but I am almost 31 and my Dr. told me to be careful about sugars and carbs, and I already know I can’t eat dairy and I have to limit my gluten.. So I will mind what I put in my body and keep my exercise more consistent.

So this weekend has been good so far, last night we had an unexpected low number at YG which worked favorably. We basically had a big water fight, then popsicles on the front steps of the church. After when it was our prayer time, ALL the kids participated. It was such a nice change. I told them a story about Babe Ruth the Miraculous Medal and how God is the Boss of us all. It was quite good. M was there, I hadn’t seen her in a while. It was funny, I made an observation, she jumped in during my talk and rather than talking she got upset and lectured. That won’t work with my group. She had a personal reason and went all MOM. I didn’t stop her, but I knew the kids put their guard up. Over all though, it was good. Funny too how things work out, S the secretary majorly screwed me up last night. I gave very clear instructions but, I don’t know she didn’t do what she was supposed to. So if all the kids that where supposed to be there where we would have been in trouble, but as it turned out, with the smaller number that didn’t hurt us. Her mistake made no difference. Thank you Mary!

Well I am sufficiently cooled off enough to jump in the shower. We are heading out camping today, I can’t wait!

Have a great weekend readers!!


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