Insert Evil Laugh right HERE!! Today is the first day of my having no children this week. Dd and Ds are with their dad in PA. I was pretty tired last night so I basically showered and went straight to bed.

I just called Dd to check in, when she is with DH -MIL takes care of her while he is working. I sort of feel bad about that as well as mad. MIL is the worst enemy I have, she hates me with the fire of a thousand suns. So it worries me that her negativity is surrounding my innocent little Dd. Okay, again with the tangents.. So I called her, and she answered after about 6 rings. We chatted for a few mins and then she complained that she is quite tired, tired from babysitting O. If you remember O is my niece the daughter of SIL the one that lived with us last year. Dd said she is being paid 2 dollars and hour for said babysitting. I was okay, but then Dd told me that SIL is actually there but is cleaning my house. LOLOLOLOLOL So she is now the lacky, she is spending this glorious day cleaning my 4000 sq ft house. Not even her OWN house, but with MIL there watching over her. One of our biggest arguments when they (her and BIL) were living with us was that they were SOOOOOO lazy and now she is doing it anyway. It’s just freaking priceless!!


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