Again I am posting from my back yard. It’s not that early, I have been up for awhile milling around. I had my coffee, watched some Finius and Pherb with my niece who is visiting here. Now I decided to come outside and write for a few minutes.

Yesterday my parents came by to my house and helped me purchase and then bring home a freezer. After my dad ‘the carpenter’ helped me fix a few things, towel rack in the bathroom, Dd’s swing chair, and lastly he hung up my chimes. ALL FIVE of them. LOL. I hope the neighbors don’t mind too much. I put the hugest church bell sounding one in the area of least wind and put the two wooden and the shell sounding one where they might hear it.

I love the combination. I love the sound it’s light and calming and I love laying in bed listening to the wind move them.

Yesterday I officially finished the first floor of my house. It’s completely furnished with pictures up. It looks really good in here now. I mean like really good. I love the style. It’s a small space but it all works so well. Very comfortable, very HOME.

So we did end up going to the lake the other day, I drove to CR and then hopped into my sisters vehicle and we drove out there together. Ds didn’t want to go at first but once we got there he was totally fine and had a ton of fun. The lake was blood cool, frigged even.. but ahh I went in for the good of our family.. Fearless leader and all that. It was purely sacrificial. LOL. We all slept very well that night.

 Then Sunday, Mass was good. The best today Homily I have ever heard Fr. say. You know I have known him for about 3 years, and really well for the last two. I have seen him preaching a million times but since our move here it’s like he was born to be in this parish. I can hardly describe the change -the change in confidence, in attitude, in charisma. He is on FIRE!! I am really proud of him.

Sunday night my nieces came back to visit. I like having them here. It’s great for Dd, she has built in playmates. We went for a nice walk Sunday night. Yesterday was spend exploring the town. We found the ocean. In a very direct way to go strait from my house maybe a ten minute drive if that. I love it here so much!

Last night we all went to the wave pool, well all of us except Ds. While we were at a park yesterday he fell from the top of the monkey bars down to the first platform and then to the ground. He charlie horsed his quad super bad. So he just wanted to chill last night. We all went though even me. There is an awesome amount of waves which was super fun, then there is also a couple of water slides. We swam for about 2 hours then came home to get ready for bed.

All in all my week has been pretty good. I think my kids are going to there Dad’s this week. Tonight actually. I’m sad a little about it because it feels like I finally have them back to normal now I have to ship them back to DH and he will screw with them all over again. I don’t know. They do so well with me. They are healthy and happy kids. I give them structure and rules. I give them unconditional love and support. I know I am a good Mother. They thrive with me. Dh buys them off. He uses them for his own means. He lies and manipulates. It’s a terrible environment. Superficiality. I hate it.

I will continue to pray about it and for them and their protection and even for DH. God knows he certainly needs the prayers.

I am driving to PA to work, Seniors Youth Group tonight. I want to clean out my car and do my floors before I leave. I haven’t really done any actual house work, and a week and a half of living with a bunch of kids here.. well you can imagine the color my my floors. Summer floors are always a little bit messy. All the constant in and out..

Anyway, Happy Tuesday Readers~ Ciao


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  1. The back and forth gets easier. They will adjust, and your time with them will make all the difference. Very shortly they will know that DH is messing with them and they will learn to know the difference between fact and fiction. Stay strong, keep doing what you’re doing. This is a life lesson for all of you.
    I’m glad you’re enjoying your new place so much.

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