..God is good..

Dh and I are absolute polar opposites. He is mean and cruel and most likely a sociopath. I on the other hand am gentle and giving, kind and filled with love. Alot of my personality was formed in relation to his disturbed method, all my adult life has be spent under his tutelage. He formed... Continue Reading →


..weird mood..

I am in a very odd mood right now, like I could go either way between weepy or angry. I have a strange tension running though me that is hard to put my finger on. This weekend like I said I went camping, I do like it out there, there was fun to be had,... Continue Reading →

..i <3 Saturday..

I do, I love them. I love running on Saturday morning, I love having a coffee afterwards. In my old town I used to do this with others actual people, now I am going at it solo but truth be told I don't really even mind much. Rather than have a long conversation to keep... Continue Reading →

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