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This is a letter I sent to some friends from back East, I will post it rather than retyping all the important stuff. Yeah I am lazy like that… 

J and M,

Hello from the West Coast!!

How are you all doing?  Have you guys settled in now? I am sorry I missed your call, the other day I would have loved to talk to you both. I have some news, Since I am sure you are wondering,  how about a little update as to what is going on here with me.

The biggest thing, I can tell you which was only confirmed on Yesterday… I GOT A JOB!

I am so happy, it’s just perfect for me.

Let me tell you a little story.

Last Monday, not this past one but the one before I went for a ride to The NEW Place to submit my resume at a Administration building for (a company that shall remain nameless). While I was there, I got a call about an email that I had sent inquiring about a house to possibly rent. So I took the address and decided to check it out. Secondary to applying for the job, I was actually checking out schools for my kids. Listen to this bit of amazement.

A little while ago I went online to start researching some school for my kids, I found two – one elementary and one high school. I found the address of the high school and decided to check that one first, it was good and amazing and from what I learned with my research, perfect for my son. I think this is the best high school in the district.

When I walked in, It was clean and bright and when I talked to the secretary’s it seemed good so far. One thing they told me though was that if my child was going to go there, we had to live in the appropriate catchment, they do not except cross boundary transfers.

I though all right, I like this area, so I would like to live in this area. While I was there looking at the schools  I got a call on my cell phone from one of the places (townhouses) that I was inquiring about. They told me I could have a look that day. So my Mom and I looked up the address and decided to look. It turns out the townhouse is located directly across the street from the school I was looking at for Dd. How amazing is that!

It’s definately in the right catchment. When we went inside it was 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathrooms, laundry room and garage. It’s smaller but big enough for us. I had pretty well decided on the spot to take it.

I went home that afternoon, I must admit feeling pretty hopeful.

I talked to the kids about the possibility of us moving there, of course nothing had been established really, but I was pretty sure. I even told Dh, as I thought it would have been courteous to do so.

I figured out that, that however was a mistake, Dh got pretty mad and ended up coming over and starting a bit of trouble. It’s safe I guess to say it was a bit more than a bit. After he left, I had a decision to make. Allow him to bully me and treat me any way he wishes or stand up to him. It was a hard decision, but I decided to take a stand. I phoned the police and reported what happened and they arrested him again.

I was really scared to do it, but on the other hand it really isn’t fair that he presumes that he is above the law and can come waltzing in here any time he wants. What he did, the police say was a form of assault. They say I did the right thing.

Okay fast forward a few days. I have been applying everywhere at every available job. I got a call back about a Live out Nanny Position. So this past Monday, I headed back up to The NEW Place  to register my children into the great schools I found for them and that same day I also I had an interview with this lady about the Nanny job.

My kids where pretty happy with the school, I showed them around a little bit, I showed them where we were going to be living, we had dinner with my parents which was nice, and then I went to my interview.

When I walked into the home, it was good. It felt good. The woman is a Dr. with her own practice and the Husband is a Lawyer with a firm in  The NEW Place , they have three children, ages 4 months, 2 years and 5 years old. She wants me to start with a wage of $13.00 per hour, for approx. 20-23 hours a week. They are willing to pay stat holidays and a percentage of holiday pay. It seems very good, very honest, and very business like. After six months, the hours will increase to 30- 35 hours a week and the wage will increase to $15.00 per hour. 

The place, their home where I would be working will be about 5mins or less even from my home.

It really seems like things are working out so nicely. I feel a sense of relief to be getting away from him and out of here. My lawyer has worked it out so that I am in a very good position, Dh is paying decent support payments and we can move on. I am very pleased.

So in a nutshell that’s what’s been going on around here. I sure do appreciate your prayers I am absolutely sure they are making all the difference!! I know it seems like a lot, and it is. It’s all happening rather fast, but I guess that’s just how life goes sometimes.

I hope you are both well, and look forward to talking to you again soon.

I hope you are really enjoying your family and all that this new move may bring for you both.

And M, I have a book suggestion for you, maybe you could get one of your gals to get it for you. It’s called; The Help, by Katheryn Stockett. I listened to it and it was fabulous!! I just couldn’t stop.. definitely one of the best I’ve read in ages.

Well Guys, take care, I miss you both heaps!!

Talk to you soon,

Love Thatgirl


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  1. I am really glad things are working out the way they are supposed too. I hate to use the old saying…but I told you so 😛

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