..Bitchy Text..

From my SIL, Z.


June 16th, 10:22pm

Oh just a note i want the white dress back! U know which one i mean!


June 16th, 10:24pm

sure I’ll give it to your brother, if you really want it.


June 16th, 10:24pm

Yes i do!

If you haven’t guessed the ‘white dress’ she is referring to is my wedding dress.

She bought it for me, actually she and her awful mother, imposed it on me. SIL was my maid of honor. I had my marriage blessed two and half years ago in our church. I was already married legally, for nearly 9 years but after DH and I- or to be fair after I came back to the church I wanted to do it properly according to our/my beliefs.

We have two children together, the first time around we eloped, not even our parents came. This time I would have been MORE THAT HAPPY to do the same.. But No. Freaking MIL got her way and started planning it for us.

I absolutely DID NOT WANT TO WEAR A WEDDING DRESS, is that clear, because I want it to be very clear.

Well long story short because I am not supposed to be writing right now… They got their way and ta da –

I wore the freaking dress.

This is just another example of my old oppressed life.

Now, out of the blue SIL wants it back. She is so callous I actually feel sorry for her.

What would you do in this situation? Should I just hand it over and say nothing, officially taking the high road.. These people always get so far with me because I am too dam nice! I have it in my mind to put the darn thing on and sit in some cake or spill a bottle of red wine on it.. or I don’t know. SOMETHING..!


2 thoughts on “..Bitchy Text..

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  1. Put it on and go out drinking. Maybe take a ride on a mechanical bull. Take lots of pictures and load them onto facebook! That’s what I would do. 😛

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