..late at night..

Well, despite my insane week from Hell I have found a way – if only temporarily to ease the symptoms of my dramatic life.

It was a traumatic week, I had Dh arrested. I gathered the courage with a little help from my friends. Oh no Q Beatles song.. Well a version of the Beatles song.. Love this movie.

Anyway, I had some awesome around me and they helped me to see, down with the meaness from Dh. So I did it, I reported him. It was a sickish day from you know where. I had such bad anxiety that my day was terrible, then last night I didn’t sleep at all.

It’s kinda dumb but I worried about DH being stuck in the cell all alone, I was panicking about getting into a lease, and paying almost 1100.00 a month for rent. I was panicking that I am making a mistake. Well it was a lost night for which I completely blame on Dh.

Today I tried to keep really busy, I cleaned my whole house including floors and bathrooms, then I went for a run, returned a movie, stopped at the church prayed a rosary and then ran back home. I suspect my route was about 11 k. It felt so good. I was responsible and made the dinner, I took K to her game.. It was great. The game part was a little boring but other than that.

Holy cow I am falling asleep.


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