My Mom is here visiting me. We are packing up my house. It's a mess. Boxes and stuff everywhere. Maybe I won't write after all I am sooo tired.


..effing dh..

Where do I begin, I hate Dh. He is trying to screw me over. He is trying to steal my kids away from me. So everthing is looking good so far. My house is finalized, the schools are in place. Great job. Flexible job. Ds starts swim club the day after we arrive.. It's all... Continue Reading →

..try, try, again..

I have been so negligent in my writing lately, I don't really even know why either. I have a ton to say, so much so that I find it slightly difficult to articulate what it is that i want to say.. Which I find so odd because I can usually always express my self here.... Continue Reading →

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