..i love Saturdays..

Even though I did not get enough sleep last night.. Dd had a Sleep Over, (let me just say there is no actual sleep to be had at a ‘sleepover’). I am having a great morning. Even Ds being mouthy and causing trouble with his sister, still a great morning, even BIL being a DICK, still a great morning, even my throbbing toe -there for no run, still a great morning.

No I have not gotten into the funny juice, nor have I enhanced my coffee in anyway. I am simply enjoying this cold blustery day, cleaning my house and for a reason God himself only knows feeling very happy!

I have systematically organized all of my kitchen cupboards, they are straightened, purged, and very organized, my laundry is going and all kids are fed, watered and happily doing what they do. I know what I am making for supper, and I am dressed in comfy yoga pants and a sweater. It’s awesome.

Well I better get to it, I have to pick up Ds soon, he is at a football fundraiser. Then I must go to work, that *may* put a slight damper on my day, we’ll see I guess.

Happy Saturday 🙂


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