Ouchy, ouchy everything hurts today. My head, my stomach and my foot. I really wish I could crawl into bed and do nothing. Not read. Just lay there. Wow, what an ambitious day!

Well, I have cleaned my house, both floors, worked the laundry, had coffee with a friend and even went to Mass. I suspect that’s more than a lot of people do in a day and I did it all before lunch time.

No, I am not harping on my self at all, just complaining a little bit.

Okay rant over. I’m not really in a complaining mood I guess.

So today is YG, possible catechism and I think Dh has the kids. I haven’t read the text we are supposed to cover. I am struggling so much to get into it. It’s seems so abstract, that it can be very hard to follow. You know what I wish we could be reading with the kids. The Gospels, or select books from the bible. Holy cow, they think what they are reading is practical, pick up Mathews Gospel, it’s like a bloody manual for life!! Seriously of  the books of wisdom, Sirach. Practical words of wisdom, which a essential in our daily lives. But meh, that’s just my opinion and really who am I?

Shoot my foots asleep.

Okay, another random thing, cause I can tell today’s post is going to be very random, about very random stuff..

I just started another book yesterday, however this one is an Audio book. I like listening to stories while I work. It’s helps my get stuff done with out realizing it’s been 6 hours since I spoke to another person. No that came out wrong, I don’t care that it’s been six hour since I last talked to someone but sometimes it’s just a little too quiet and I get distracted. The narrator keeps me on task. So anyway this book, is amazing so far. It’s called The Help. I was going to give synopsis, but then I got lazy. It’s a fantastic book, I am about 6 hours in a last night I was struggling not to neglect my children in order to continue to listen.. LOL. Today I have such a darn headache that it’s losing the appeal, ear-buds and headaches are NOT a good mix. Anyway when I was searching for the synopsis, I found they are adapting this book to the big screen. That’s a general hit or miss, sometimes they do a good job, most times not. There is a nice cast, so I will hope for the best. I think I will recommend it too, it’s one of those books that makes you think, hard mind you about something that in no way shape or for has any impact on your life. No, I should say, this is a subject that is recent as far as history and seems plain unbelievable that people actually treated other people so cruelly. The book is about segregation in southern Mississippi during the sixty’s. Not a subject I am familiar with, living a d having grown up in rural Canada. It makes me a little sick and takes my breath away though at moments the horrific things people do to one an other…

Well, I think my Tylenol is finally working, I better go. I am supposed to be meeting my boss.


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